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Poll Results: How do you rate the Vicarious video

This weeks poll asks you what you think of the Vicarious video.  Is it better than Tool’s previous efforts?  Has it become your favorite video  or is it no better then their old ones?  Do you like the CGI, or would you rather animation?  Vote and comment now!

Poll Results: Game of the Year

Game of the Year was the subject of the last poll, and by the looks of things I didn’t really leave anything significant off the list.  The results show that it was a pretty good year for games, since the top results are all within a few votes of each other, suggesting finding a favorite was pretty hard.  It was for me.  In fact, 2007 was probably the best year for games I can remember.

Personally, I picked Bioshock as the winner, especially since it’s the spiritual successor to one of my favorite games of all time – System Shock 2.  I wasn’t let down by Bioshock in anyway.  Other favorites for me were Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport 2, Halo 3 and The Witcher.  I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4 the last few days as well, and that’s right up there too.  I’m pretty tempted to buy a Wii just for Super Mario Galaxy too.

I’m slightly surprised that Halo 3 got the most votes though.  I quite liked it, and any other year it would have been a contender for the best, but I though there were plenty of better games.  Also, while I enjoyed Halo 3, probably more so than Halo 2, I don’t really think they did enough with the solo game, and I don’t really play much multiplayer.

  1. Halo 3 37 Votes
  2. Super Mario Galaxy and Bioshock 32 Votes
  3. The Orange Box and Something Else! 29 Votes
  4. Call Of Duty 4 28 Votes
  5. Assassin’s Creed 23 Votes
  6. Crysis 14 Votes
  7. Forza Motorsport 2 7 Votes
  8. Mass Effect and God Of War 2 5 Votes
  9. The Witcher 4 Votes

Stand by for a Tool poll!

New Poll: Game of the Year

It’s pretty close to the end of 2007, and about time to start some xxx of the Year type polls.  The first being Game of the Year.  Sorry in advance if I missed out your favorite, this list is based of what I’ve had contact with…

Poll Results:What part of the Vicarious DVD are you looking forward to the most?

Last week I asked what part of the Vicarious DVD were you looking forward to the most.  Unsurprisingly most of you wanted to see the video first and foremost, though many of you I think really hoped there was some live footage on the DVD.  I think it’s been pretty well concluded that there is no such footage.

Personally I looked forward to the documentary the most.  As much as I enjoyed the video, the opportunity to get a bit on insight into it was more appealing that the movie itself.

  1. Vicarious Video 191 Votes
  2. Spending hours putting in codes to reveal the alleged live footage 184 Votes
  3. The “Making of” documentary 93 Votes
  4. Audio commentry by David Cross 27 Votes
  5. The Stereoscopic artwork 19 Votes

New Poll: What part of the Vicarious DVD are you looking forward to the most?

The Vicarious DVD comes out next week (this weekend for Australians) and aside from the video has several cool features.  Which one exites you the most?

Poll Results:What’s your favorite Primus album?

Last weeks poll asked what is your favorite Primus album.  Turns out that Primus suck, which will come as no surprise to the band.  Aside from that, Frizzle Fry take the honours from Sailing the Seas of Cheese, with Pork Soda a close runner up.  Seems as though their newer stuff didn’t do so well, though personally I quite liked the Brown Album.  Here’s the results:

  1. Primus Suck! 66 Votes
  2. Frizzle Fry 59 Votes
  3. Sailing the Seas of Cheese 57 Votes
  4. Pork Soda 51 Votes
  5. The Brown Album 27 Votes
  6. Antipop 22 Votes
  7. Tales from the Punchbowl 21 Votes
  8. Suck On This 10 Votes

New Poll: What’s your favorite Primus album?

I think there have been enough Tool related polls lately, time for something completely different. What’s your favorite Primus album?

Poll Results: Does a repetitive setlist alter your view on Tool’s live performances?

Last week I asked a somewhat controversial question regarding Tool‘s set list.  There are a lot of strong feels out there regarding Tool‘s recent tour habits, and a good percentage of Tool fans are dissappointed by the lack on change in their set list.  Compared to the Lateralus tour, the 10,000 Days tour has been considerably more static, and generally shorter in set length.

Personally, I’m not too bothered by the repetitiveness of it, since I’m more of the opinion that Tool play their shows aimed at 80%+ of their audience only seeing them once per tour.  As someone who’d prefer see Tool more than once per tour, I can live with this.  I am slightly dissappointed the show is a little shorter than normal, though anything over 90 minutes is still a good show.  Set list choice somewhat bothers me, since there’s several songs they don’t seem to play anymore (Aenima for instance) that I’d rather see, and other songs such as 46&2 and Schism are overplayed.

The results of the poll show that most people consider each show and individual experience, and therefore the setlist isn’t important.  I agree with that too.  Generally though, readers are put off by the set list, though probably not enough to prevent them from going.

  1. No, each show is a new experience 111 Votes
  2. Yes, I still go to shows but really want to see song xyz 75 Votes
  3. Yes, but if they played Lateralus from end to end each night I wouldn’t complain 66 Votes
  4. Yes, it tells me Tool are just going through the motions 63 Votes
  5. No, I only see one show per tour 47 Votes
  6. Meh 30 Votes
  7. No, the setlist is perfect 10 Votes
  8. Yes, Tool suck 8 Votes

Here’s some questions for you guys to answer below:

  • Do Tool have a responsibility to the fans to respond to demands for a different set?
  • Would you rather see a longer, more varied set only once rather than the same set multiple times?
  • Are the complaints really based on a percieved negative reaction to 10,000 Days, and the adbundance of those tracks in the set?
  • Should Tool ditch the visual aspects of the show in order to be more flexible on stage?

New Poll: Does a repetitive set list alter your view on Tool’s live performances?

This week I ask a controversial question in regards to Tool’s set list. Many of you complain that there is too little variety in the current list. Some argue that since the presumption is that the majority of people see only one show per tour, this isn’t a big deal, while others defend it by suggesting the set needs to stay the same due to staging reasons.

How do you feel about this? has it negatively altered your view on Tool’s performances? Would you bother seeing Tool a second time, or is each Tool show a unique experience regardless of the set list? Vote now an let us know your thought by commenting below.

Poll Results: What genre should Tool – The Movie be?

It’s been speculated for many years now that one day there may be a Tool movieAdam‘s indicated that he’s keen, but due to band commitments, red tape and the incorrect alignment of planets this may not happen for a while.

To help bide the time, I decided to ask you what genre you think the movie should be?  Surprisingly to me, all four categories I suggested all had about the same amount of votes, with a CGI based movie coming out on top, narrowly beating a stop-go animation type project.  A Song Remains the Same style Rockumentary was third while a surprisingly large amount of you readers are female and want a romantic comedy.  Who would have thought!

  1. Alex Grey CGI style 131 Votes
  2. The adventures of a wierd plastacine guy in wonderland 120 Votes
  3. Rockumentary 113 Votes
  4. Romantic Comedy 111 Votes

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