Puscifer Signed Tour Posters on Ebay

Milla emailed me today to tell me that three of the signed tour posters are up on Ebay, each starting at $100.  According to the item notes:

There were 3 Puscifer shows this weekend, (Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th, and today (Sunday the 15th). There were UNIQUE posters for each show that are ONLY BEING SOLD ON THEIR RESPECTIVE NIGHTS. (meaning that if you went on Friday the 13th, you could only get the Friday the 13th poster … you could NOT get the Saturday or Sunday poster unless you went back to the concert on those nights as well).

Regular Posters were $25.00 (unsigned), and there was a LIMITED number of AUTOGRAPHED SETS for $300.00 which included ALL 3 POSTERS, each signed by Maynard !!!!!!! The Merch booth told me that there were ONLY 20 OF THESE SETS AVALIABLE !!!!

Links are worth checking if only to see what they look like.

Signed Tool Poster

A recent Ebay item has one of the signed Tool posters from the last US Tour:

This is a One Of A Kind, No Duplicates, NOT a Print, 100% Authentic, Rare Concert Poster from SLC, with ART WORK by ADAM JONES, and signed by the band members of TOOL: Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor. Set in an Apple Wood Frame with Glass Plate and purple Professional Matting to draw out the Watercolors and Acrylic Paints used by Adam Jones.

You absolutely will Not find this anywhere else, as it is ONE OF A KIND!!

I purchased it at the SLC show last fall(’07), and had it immediatley framed, NO certificate of authenticity, but would not be hard to obtain one. This is a Genuine Piece of Work, and I will not let it leave my collection without fair compensation.

Shipping will be $40 in US(includes insurance) and we will calculate for International Shipping Charges through email contact. Please contact me through email if you want more pictures, or have any questions. Thank You.

Bidding is currently at US$455 so start saving!

Tool September Newsletter out now!

Blair has posted his September Tool Newsletter, and it’s one huge advertisement of stuff we already know (coded messages excluded!).

It covers:

  • Danny & Puscifer publishing new websites
  • Darklore selling new stuff
  • Volto! playing a gig soon
  • Some Tool tour posters are on sale in the store (some as cheap as $9.99)

He also hints that Puscifer may play some shows. Not sure how serious that is, but expect much celebration among Tool fans if this is true!

Tool Tour Posters now for sale on Toolband

Now that the tour has wound up, it seems that excess Tool tour posters are now available online via the Toolband shop (not the Toolarmy one!). Posters include San Diego, Fresno and the two San Francisco shows. You can also still grab posters from Brisbane and Florida on previous tours as well. No word on whether or not further show posters will be made available.

Here’s my pick of the bunch, the one from Fresno:

Speaking of posters Fourtheye Subscriber Tim managed to score a free copy of the San Francisco show courtesy of the most recent subscriber giveaway.

Fourtheye Subscriber Giveaway

It’s time again for another Fourtheye Subscribers Giveaway, this time around we have a couple of prizes. First up is a tour poster from the recent US tour courtesy of the infamous Kanaduh. I believe it’s from the second San Fransisco show. It’s an unsigned copy just in case you’re wondering. Second prize is a copy of the Tool Revolver issue.

Here are the rules:

  • You must be a subscriber or paid up doner to Fourtheye as of 9:00am Saturday morning Australian EST.
  • Bronze subscribers will receive one entry.
  • Silver subscribers will receive two entries.
  • Gold subscribers will receive three entries.
  • Existing subscribers will get double the amount of entries.
  • Members who have let their subscriptions lapse won’t be eligible! Those who have lapsed and re-subscribe will get the existing subscriber bonus!

Here’s the Membership page! Send more money! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Regardless of if you sign up or not, thank you all for the support over the years. I enjoy bringing a range of Tool news to you all, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

Note that the poster offered in the competition is NOT signed!

Revolver Tool Issue

Adam donates doodled Tool posters to Clive Barker Kickstarter

It appears Adam is a big fan of Clive Barker‘s work, and when Clive recently used Kickstarter to fund a new project of his, Adam was on hand to help out:

Adam is a collector of Clive’s work- and even better, an incredibly nice guy. He’s a rare blend of talent, brilliance, enthusiasm, and gentle insight, and hearing him talk about art reveals why his own success as an artist isn’t an accident.

Adam is a massive creative force himself, and in addition to his musical talents is a gifted artist in multiple mediums.

These tour posters were illustrated and designed by Adam, and to make them even more special they were autographed by all four band members.

And is if that wasn’t enough, Adam took some time yesterday to draw on each poster to make it something absolutely unique to this campaign to raise funds for archiving and sharing Clive’s inspirational artwork.

The four posters are available as single tiers on the Kickstarter project, each one having it’s own price starting at $700 with a special double poster going for $1500. At time of writing none of these have yet sold.

Update: It appears that they have all sold!

Leftover Tool Tour Posters on Toolband, Volto! approaches

nudges710 posted in the forums a little while ago that there are a bunch of leftover 2012 Tool Tour posters in the Toolband shop.  The posters available are from the Uncasville, Charlotte and Florida shows, and are $29.99 each plus postage.  Personally the one from Uncasville is one of my favorites from the tour!  No word on how many are available, or if there will be other shows released at a future time…

Update: There are new posters appearing as I write this, so keep watching the site for more shows!

In Volto! news, John Z gave us a further update on the new record on Facebook a couple of days ago:

concerning questions and comments about the upcoming album…

with mastering, artwork, pressings, logistics and business stuff, hopefully it’ll be out in the next month or so! we will let y’all know when we know, yay!

in the mean time, since you are our supremewonderfriends, please enjoy one last rockin pre-hear tidbit from what went down….

There’s also a new sample from the album for your listening pleasure!  Don’t forget they’re playing at The Mint in LA this Saturday night!

Tool Big Day Out Posters

I’ve dropped a few hints in the forums in regards to Tool Big Day Out Posters possibly being available online following the tour, and tonight I received the news that this is indeed the case.  Melbourne printers Beyond The Pale printed all of the posters for the 2011 tour (excluding Hawaii I think) and the leftovers, all unsigned are available from their website.

Limited quantities from the Melbourne side show, Melbourne Big Day Out and Auckland Big Day Out are all available, and each of them cost AU$35 plus postage.  There’s also a range of other bands posters on the website, the artwork and printing that these guys to are top quality, and they do frame poster as well, so make sure you check it out!

I was lucky enough to visit their gallery when I was in Melbourne, and though not advertised on the website, I reckon there were several other Tool posters available in the store, including the Gold Coast Big Day Out poster, and a range of other US ones I reckon I’ve seen around the place before.  If you’re down in St. Kilda one day, it’s definitely worth a visit!


Maynard discusses wine, Adam Jones Metallica poster

Maynard spoke with the guys on Australia’s Wine Week in Melbourne the other day, and in part 1 of this interview he chats about a range of wine related topics:

Maynard speaks with Wine Week

Adam provided the artwork for one of the posters in the current issue of Guitar World.  Tim was kind enough to take a photo of it for us:


Looks pretty cool to me – if I see it in the newsagent I think I’ll grab a copy! 

My Tool trek has finished for now – only one more show left, tomorrow night at the Perth Big Day Out.  Western Australian’s don’t miss out on this amazing show!

More Tour Posters

This time from Kenneth’s collection:




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