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Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Mark emailed me today to let me know that he’s posted his Lateralus Signed Vinyl on Ebay. It looks to be in great condition, though it doesn’t feature a special signature by Adam like some lucky individuals managed to get. Bidding at the moment is at US$300 and seems to be shipping to the US only at this stage. Which is a shame, because given the strong Australian Dollar at the moment, it would be the idea time to pick up one of these……

Update: Just got an email back from Mark saying that he would ship to Australia, and that postage would be around $35-40 with insurance.  If you’re an Aussie and want to make a bid then I sugget you contact him via Ebay to confirm.

Adam in Guitar World

I had a chance to read the recent Guitar World article with Adam Jones, and it’s one of the best Tool articles I’ve read for a while.  It reveals plenty of new info and some insight into Adam’s guitar playing.  Here are some points I know most of you are interested in:

  • The first video for 10,000 Days (presumably Vicarious) will be entirely in CGI has run into some “vicious production problems”.  Basically they got screwed by the production company, and now a friend of Adam’s company is helping them complete it.  The problem is that since they’re only helping, work only happens when their schedule is clear.  Adam says all his spare time goes into it, but I wouldn’t expect to see anything until after this round of touring stops.
  • The second video (presumably The Pot) will be all stop-motion, and pre-production has started.
  • They have filmed stuff for a Live DVD, and were going to put it out but it “(didn’t) sit very well with our band”.  I guess this means they want more than just the standard live show to be released.
  • Adam is keen to do a Tool movie, but it sounds as though he’s waiting for someone to show him the money before he does.  And there’s a lot of red tape involved in movie making.
  • When Tool were approached to contribute to the Escape from LA soundtrack, they suggested rather than just giving them a song, actually do one with John Carpenter (who apparently is also a musician).  For various record label related reasons, this didn’t go ahead.  So they just gave them Sweat in the end.
  • They’ve had several stalkers, include one that Camella and Chris Graves set up and had arrested.  A Toolarmy member perhaps?
  • The project with Robert Fripp has been recorded, but there’s still the drums and arrangements to go.  Adam’s hoping to put it out as soon as possible, but like the videos I wouldn’t expect much until Tool finish touring.

Go and buy the magazine when it comes out in your part of the world!  I know I will.

Poll Results: What is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?

10,000 Days would appear to be full of secrets (apparently) and last week I asked what your favorite was.  It comes as no surprise to me that most of you think there isn’t a secret.  And I am a little surprised at how many of you are waiting for the “real” album to be released, or maybe lots of you think it’s funny that there was ever talk of a decoy album at all….

  1. The secret is there is no secret…. 207 Votes
  2. It’s a decoy – still waiting for the real album 77 Votes
  3. 10,000 Days/Wings For Marie/Vignati Tres Overlaps 64 Votes
  4. Secret stuff in the photos 54 Votes
  5. Wizard of Oz Synchronisation 17 Votes

New poll on it’s way!

New Poll: What is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?

This week I ask what is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?  Do you dig the various synchronisations?  Did you find the clues in the pictures?  Anything else I may have missed?

Poll Results: What Album got you into Tool?

Last week I asked what Album got you into Tool.  It looks like most of you got into them around the time of Aenima, just like me, though quite a large amount of you claim to be more OGT than that!  Somewhat surprisingly to me, 10,000 Days only brought in a very small amount of new fans.  Given the amount of younger Tool fans I’ve seen at recent shows this came as a bit of a surprise.

  1. Aenima 323 Votes
  2. Lateralus 210 Votes
  3. Undertow 144 Votes
  4. Opiate 89 Votes
  5. 10,000 Days 17 Votes
  6. Salival 7 Votes

Adam on Baltimore Sun

There’s a brief interview with Adam on the Baltimore Sun website today.  He talks about 10,000 Days but doesn’t reveal anything particularly new:

[discussing the 10,000 Days packaging] “That was my idea,” says Jones, who last week was playing a date with the band in Tampa, Fla. “All the ideas start with writing the music, and it flows with the art. … I saw a kid’s book that was similar [to the CD packaging design] and thought it would be a cool idea for the album.”

New Poll: What Album got you into Tool?

This weeks Poll was suggested by Brandon. He wants to know, what album got you into Tool? It may not be your favorite Tool recording, but what one made you sit up and say “these guys are good!”.

Poll Results: 10,000 Days 12 months later…

Last week I asked you tell me your thoughts on 10,000 Days now that it has been out for over 12 months.  Personally I find that my perception of records changes over time, and that once past the initial excitment/dissappointment of hearing a new album you can get a feel for what you really think of the album.  Personally for me I still think it’s a great album, and while I don’t think it tops Lateralus, I think it comes pretty close.

According to the poll though, most of you say it’s better than Undertow, yet worse than Lateralus and Aenima.  This didn’t really surprise me at all.  What did surprise me a little is that the second most popular option put 10,000 Days as their best album.  The vote for their worst album also polled pretty strongly, which didn’t really surprise me either.  I do get the impression though that these 10,000 Days haters are a much more vocal group than the general population.

  1. Better than Undertow, worse than Aenima & Lateralus 279 Votes
  2. Best Tool Album 112 Votes
  3. Better than Aenima & Undertow, worse than Lateralus 107 Votes
  4. Worst Tool Album 93 Votes
  5. Better than Lateralus & Undertow, worse than Aenima 49 Votes
  6. Better than Lateralus, worse than Aenima & Undertow 24 Votes
  7. Worse than eMotive 13 Votes
  8. I haven’t bothered to listen to it 7 Votes
  9. Better than Lateralus & Aenima, worse than Undertow 5 Votes
  10. Better than Aenima, worse than Undertow & Lateralus 5 Votes

New poll coming soon!

Back + Goodies

I’m back from rain-sodden Newcastle, only to wake up in rain-sodden Adelaide.  Seems like the rain follows me at the moment.

Any a couple of quick things for you today.  jhnygsh from Toolarmy has some autographed 13th Step vinyl for sale on Ebay at the moment.  Shipping only to the US, and bidding starts at US$250.  If you’re keen to get some signed vinyl that’s not Lateralus, then here’s your thing.

Signed 13th Step Vinyl

Finally, Moose tells me that a autographed and framed Lateralus poster is available on New Zealand’s Trademe.  It looks pretty cool, and is apparently 1 of only 10 signed during the Lateralus tour.  Danny obviously didn’t have his purple pen  for that session.

Pre-sales Spoiled? Wings For Marie Lyrics

According to Blair, it seems that there were pre-sales for the recently announced US Dates, and that some members of Toolarmy decided it would be a good idea to release this password.  Rather than sharing the love, it seems that this has resulted in scalpers purchasing these pre-sale tickets instead.  I’m sure these members were trying to do the right thing, but it looks like it’s backfired on them.  Allegedly the bands management know who these people are as well.  I’m guessing in the future they may not be offered pre-sales.  Hopefully this has closed the possibility of further pre-sales down the track (not that I’m expecting us Aussies will ever get one).
In other news, it looks like the lyrics for Wings For Marie have been made available as a Toolarmy exclusive.  I’m guessing it’ll be just a matter of time before these find their way into the real world.

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