Adam explains the Opiate 21st Anniversary re-issue

Revolver published an interview today with Adam regarding the 21st Anniversary Edition of Opiate. He goes into more detail about the recording and politics of the album, as well as the new artwork being created for it. He also mentions that there are no bonus tracks:

Overall, how does Opiate hold up for you 21 years after its release?
It’s kinda like a time machine. It takes you back to that time and what you were thinking. Creatively speaking, there’s always room for improvement. Playing some of those songs live 21 years later, you’ve obviously evolved. And now Justin [Chancellor, bass] is in the band, which makes it that much different and better. So it’s fine. I mean, I’m sure you’ve written an article where you go back and look at it and wish you’d set it up differently. So you can always change stuff. But I’m very happy with it. It’s really fun to give it a birthday and celebrate it. It’s more of a special thank-you for the fans. I know that sounds weird because we’re selling it, but we just wanted to make sure we did something unique and special with it—which is why rather than just reissue the music, we’re going back and readdressing all the packaging and artwork. I felt like George Lucas going back and adding digital effects to Star Wars. I know a lot of people are against that, but I’m into it. It doesn’t change the story. I think it’s great. It’s stuff that you wanted to do back then but you couldn’t.

Is there anything specific you would change about it?
Maybe the way it’s mixed. But there’s a politic in that whole thing, too. You can’t just explain it to somebody, as far as capturing your music the way you want. As far as my guitar playing? Yeah, maybe I’d redo a lead or use a different effect here and there, but overall I like it. It’s something I’m very proud of.

He also talks in a little more detail about the delay in their next album:

You mentioned earlier that you guys are in writing mode. What’s the status of new Tool music?
I guess you wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t ask. [Laughs] It’s unfortunate that we haven’t put anything out in a while, but you know, we’ve changed as a band. It’s just like a marriage—you grow older, people change, and you’ve gotta adapt or move on. We’ve become even more eclectic and distant, so getting things done and getting together is very hard. There are a lot of other interests. But what I really want people to know is that it’s not a bad thing. I’m serious. I think there’s a little more respect now, and when there’s compromise, it’s a little more open. I don’t know if that’s just a matter of getting older and going, “Ah, fuck it,” or what. [Laughs]

I’ve been with these guys a long time, and we’ve outlasted all of our peers. I mean, I try to think of the bands we came up with that haven’t broken up or broken up and gotten back together, and I can’t think of one band. OK, the Melvins. But that’s it. And we kind of set that up early by deciding that no matter who does what we’re gonna split everything four ways. Some decisions have to be unanimous. Others are put to a vote. We’re really involved in the business side. We write our own checks. But as far as the writing? It’s been a little more lax—as in relaxed. But it’s nice. We live kind of cushy lives now, so we get together when we want. It makes everything go slow, which is unfortunate—we all would have liked to have been done with a new record a long time ago—but when it’s done, it’s gonna be good. And that’s the point. We’re not gonna put out something that sucks just to put it out. We also had two really bad things happen, things that I’m not gonna get into, that set us back emotionally and mentally. But we’re past them now, everybody’s recovered, and that process has kind of actually added to us focusing on being creative. So maybe sometimes bad things happen for a reason.

It’s a great interview, and worth the read.

Sunday Sausage Sizzlers!

Snippets was already taken, so here’s a few sausages I’ll throw your way:

Volto! are playing another gig, this time at The Mint on the 31st of March, which is also located in The City Of Angels.  Tickets are just under $25 and will be a great chance to check out some of their new songs.  Hopefully Gryphon Labs might support them as well.  Gnjasmkr will be a giving away free* beers on the night as well!  Ticket details here:

Did you guys all catch Puscifer on TV the other night?  Was it any good, or were you madly yelling expletives at the TV like some commenters I know.  Haven’t seen it?  Well thanks to the power of Youtube you can:

If you like voting on the internet, and like Tool, then you may want to consider voting for Tool as the best Live Artist in the Revolver Golden Gods award.  Or vote for Seether – it’s up to you!  If I remember correctly Maynard once presented an gong to ISIS at one of these prestigious awards ceremonies.  Don’t get your hopes up about voting Danny for best drummer though!  Edit: To make it easier for you to vote, here’s the direct link to the poll involving Tool.

Finally, just in case albums by Meshuggah, The Mars Volta, Volto! and Cannibal Corpse weren’t enough, it seems as though The Melvins will be releasing something on the 5th of June.  Something called Freak Puke and it’s noted that it’s Melvins lite (speculation seems to point to Trevor Dunn playing bass in a Melvins 3-piece).  The cover looks a little like Lateralus so maybe they rerecorded their own version of that…

*free for the first person who gets some good Tool recording news out of Danny!

Revolver’s Tool in Photos

Photographer Derek Brad has been lucky enough to take a few photos of the Tool Tour 2012 for Revolver, and the results are available for viewing here.

Maynard & Paul Revolver Double Tag Team

In a Revolver double header today, we have news from both Maynard and former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour.

Firstly, Maynard talks briefly about the release of the new Puscifer album Conditions of My Parole (which should be out now!).  When asked about Tool he mentioned:

How many times a day does someone ask you about a new Tool record?
At least 20… Wait, what time is it? 22. Twenty-two times. For most people, where I started was there. Most people assume the success of anything I do is based on Tool, when they don’t realize that I was successful at things long before Tool. Tool didn’t get me in Westpoint, Tool didn’t get me distinguished graduate from basic training, Tool didn’t get me on the student council, and Tool didn’t get me my 12 varsity letters. But the public eye assumes that’s the thing I should be doing. I just hold my tongue and do what I do.

Read into that what you will (and I know you will!)…

Paul’s news involves a new track from his band Feersum Ennjin.  Keeping on the Tool theme:

For people who don’t know, why did you quit Tool in 1995?
Well…hmm, I guess sometimes things just run their course. New steel must be forged and battles fought.

Do you ever regret the decision?
I like to try and live in this moment, not in the past. However, I definitely miss that feeling when the power of those four people playing together was at its peak. There were some amazing moments when things were razor sharp and that wall of sound took over.

Here’s the song Fishing Ground for your listening pleasure:

The Book of Tool Revolver Re-issue

Looks like the Revolver Book of Tool magazine is going to be reprinted, and the new edition will feature the recent Adam Jones/Kirk Hammett interview.

Already a highly desirable collector’s classic that sold out its first printing in a matter of days, we’ve gone back to the press to bring you the best Tool collection ever! Revolver’s 100-page special The Book of Tool is an unprecedented exploration of one of the most innovative, intriguing, and mysterious bands in the heavy-music scene.

The Book of Tool features exclusive interviews with all the band members, never-before-seen photographs and conceptual sketches, an exhaustive album-by-album oral history of the band, an interview with collaborating artist Alex Grey, looks at the instruments and techniques that Tool have employed to achieve their unique sound and compelling visual style, and much more.

The Book of Tool is a must for the library of any Tool fan. As a bonus, we’ve created two collector’s covers AND added a new bonus chapter featuring cult heroes Adam Jones and Kirk Hammett. This collector’s re-print is sure to sell out soon, so order your copy today!

Keep your eyes peeled for this, especially if you missed out the first time round.  Thanks to Vuduchild for the tip.

Update: Not sure why this article never got posted – it was originally done on the 8th of August, but never got past Draft stage.  Thanks WordPress!

MJK on New Tool Video and Album

Brian emailed me this quote today, apparently taken from a new interview with Maynard in Revolver:

Adam is working on a new video at the moment. I can’t say for what song. When that winds down, we’re gonna try to get back in the writing space. When we’ve actually picked an engineer you’ll have an idea that there might be a record coming someday.

Any speculation on what video is forthcoming?  I’ve heard that The Pot is the likely candidate, but it would be cool so see something for one of their longer songs – perhaps Lost Keys/Rosentta Stoned?

Adam and Alex Grey Collectors Set

For those of you who missed the Signed Salival Sale the other day, and still have US$200 burning a hole in your wallet, a Collectors Set available at the CoSM website is for you. Featuring copies of the Vicarious and Parabola DVD signed by Adam, as well as the Revolver Tool issue signed by both Adam and Alex.

Presumably limited so don’t miss out!

Book of Tool Online

The Revolver issue featuring Tool, otherwise know as the Book of Tool, is now available for order directly from Revolver. You can get a copy for US$5.99 per copy (plus postage from the US) from this website.
Thanks to Brandon and the Tool Hotline for the tip.

Tool Revolver Mag in Adelaide

I was down the shops today and noticed that my local newsagent had no less than 4 copies of the Tool Revolver magazine on the shelves.  If I can find it there, then it’s a safe bet it should be relatively easy to get around Australia.

However, if anyone is desperate for a copy, and isn’t able to get ahold of one, I could probably grab them a copy.  The issues were AU$13.95 each, and you’d have to cover any postage.  Let me know…

Tool Revolver Magazine Down Under

A couple of people have mentioned to me that the Tool edition of Revolver magazine is now available (or available to order) in Australia.  I’m yet to see one, but keep your eyes peeled!

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