By And Down streaming on Spin

A Perfect Circle‘s new track By And Down is now streaming on the Spin website as mentioned the other day. Take a listen and post your reviews below!

By And Down comes with the new Greatest Hits Package Three Sixty, and the cover was revealed the other day:

Puscifer DVD due in November

In a recent interview with Spin celebrating the streaming of the All Re-Mixed Up album, Maynard has revealed that a Puscifer DVD, titled What Is…, is due out on November 26th. The DVD will features live performances and skits. To read the short interview, and stream the album, visit the Spin website here.

“I thought it was cool.” Adam talks about Limp Bizkit (and Opiate)

A new interview with Adam Jones appeared on Spin today, in which he talked about the recording of Opiate, as well as the upcoming reissue:

What went through your mind when you listened to Opiate again?
A lot of things. I’m proud of what we did. We worked hard, and it’s this little photograph or postcard from that time. It’s like a time machine.

What songs stood out to you most?
The live tracks, “Cold and Ugly” and “Jerk-Off,” which we don’t play anymore. I kind of miss them. Something else that stood out were the themes of Opiate and the way all the songs lead to [the title track]. It’s more the feeling of the record that hit me. It’s hard to describe.

Hopefully we’ll have something other than Opiate to talk about soon!

Donkey Punch the Spin

The latest Puscifer EP Donkey Punch the Night is now streaming in full on the Spin website, and also features an accompanying interview with Maynard:

The song “Dear Brother” is dedicated to several people who passed away, including the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch. Is that who you were thinking of?
Well, you know the Beastie Boys gentleman, that was a sad day when I got that news. It also pays tribute to our friend Edward Willie, Jr. from Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival — they’re a band who opened up for us, out of Ohio in the area where I was born. And Ray Beckwith was an Australian winemaker, who, in a way, reinvented the wheel in winemaking. He discovered the relationship between pH and acid balance in wines. They really didn’t take Australian wine too seriously before him.

What are your fondest memories of MCA?
I actually never met him. I just really enjoyed the music. When their first record came out, I was definitely a fan. To watch them progress and evolve in the way that they did from their first album until their last, it was quite inspirational to watch their personal transformation. It’s very unfortunate he didn’t make it to the next level.

A relatively short but interesting interview, however don’t expect much to be said about Tool or APC.

Also, for those of you considering seeing Puscifer in Australia, note that the Brisbane show has sold out, and the Melbourne and Sydney shows are expected to shortly.

Leon vs. The Revolution from Freak Puke now streaming

I woke up this morning to find that the first track from the forthcoming Melvins album Freak Puke streaming on the Spin website. It’s called Leon vs. The Revolution and sounds pretty good to me. This album features Trevor Dunn playing upright bass on all of that tracks rather than their typical 4-piece combo.

In other Melvins & Spin news, King Buzzo got named in their top 100 guitarists list. The list also featured Skrillex and doesn’t mention Adam (or a number of other prominent guitar “dinosaurs”), so make of it what you will…


Buzz vomits up further info on Freak Puke

Spin have a nice interview with King Buzzo today, in which he talks about the forthcoming Melvins album Freak Puke. The album, which features Trevor Dunn on bass, is sounding more and more interesting:

Is he (Trevor Dunn) playing stand up on the whole record?
The whole record. There is no electric bass on that record whatsoever. As a matter of fact, there’s not even a bass amp on that record. It’s all miked bass. Not even a pick up out of a bass into an amp or anything. It’s straight acoustic. I think it’s an animal unlike anything we’ve ever done.

I couldn’t believe Dale plays with brushes on it.
Yeah. Dale played a really old drum set. A 1940s Gretsch kit I believe. I play through all kinds of crap. We do some much screwing around I have no idea what’s what, you know. Studio to me is just wide open. A lot of times we’ll go in totally unprepared and take it from there.

Also revealed (which I actually already knew but forgot to post) is that The Melvins will be on the Carson Daly show sometime in April.

King Buzzo!

Puscifer’s Telling Ghosts video

As promised yesterday, the new video for Puscifer’s Telling Ghosts has been released on Spin.  I’ve embedded it for your viewing pleasure (not for listening though as the audio is terrible):

Puscifer video for Telling Ghosts due tomorrow

According to a new post on the Puscifer Facebook Page, a new video for the track Telling Ghosts will be available on the Spin website sometime tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Conditions of My Parole now streaming!

The new Puscifer album Conditions of My Parole is now streaming in full on  The album is released on the 18th of October at a store near (or not near) you!

When you’ve taken a listen, feel free to contribute to our collective review.

Puscifer streaming coming soon

I saw on Facebook this morning that Puscifer’s new album Conditions of My Parole will be streamed on Spin in full sometime in the new few days.  Keep your ears close to the ground and prepare yourselves for the rumbling. 

I’m heading off to Melbourne for a few days, so updates may be a little slow until Monday.  Have a great few days without me!

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