Further Puscifer Tour info

I received my email from the Puscifer mailing list just a little while ago, which confirmed the information from the recent promo video, as well as adding some venues to the mix.  It has also been revealed that tickets go on sale on the 7th of October, and that there will be VIP tickets and Wine Tastings.

I have set up a new Puscifer Tour 2011 page to collate all relevant tour information.  If anyone has any suggestions on what to add to the page, just let me know.

A Perfect Circle VIP Details announced

A Perfect Circle announced details of the VIP tickets via Facebook a little while ago.  I know you’re all dying to know them so without further ado:

  • Package #1 (Sound Check Pass, $175): one premium location ticket, early entrance to venue, access to APC sound check, ltd edition signed APC 2011 tour lithograph and exclusive APC 2011 tour sound check pass. 4 ticket limit per person.
  • Package #2 (Wine Tasting & Sound Check Pass, $200): pre-show wine tasting, one premium location ticket, early entrance to venue, access to APC sound check, ltd edition signed APC 2011 tour lithograph and exclusive APC 2011 tour sound check pass. 4 ticket limit per person.

So there you go, personally I think the $175 ticket sounds like pretty good value.  $25 extra for some wine tasting sounds a little much to me though.

All VIP tickets go on sale via the A Perfect Circle site on Friday (no time confirmed yet), with links to the sales appearing on Thursday evening.

A Perfect Circle shows on sale April 8th

A promised, A Perfect Circle have suppled some on-sale information for each of their tour dates.  Tickets will go on sale at varying times on the 8th of April, and links to the ticket sales can be found on the Perfect Circle website

From what I’ve heard, tickets are about $72, though this may vary from venue to venue.  VIP tickets are also available for each of the shows, and presumably include a meet & greet as well as a bag of treats.

Tool Tour Update

Not long now until Tool hit the road for the first time in 2011 (and hopefully the last time before recording!).  As we all know, Tool are playing the Big Day Out tour here in Australia in New Zealand, which also includes a couple of sideshows in Melbourne and Brisbane.  As an added bonus Tool will be playing a show in Hawaii the week before this tour.  Support band for the tour are Kiwi post-rockers Jakob, who play with Tool on the Aussie sideshow dates.  Not sure if these guys join them in Hawaii as well…

For those still considering checking out the band, tickets are still available for a range of these gigs.

The Hawaii show at the Neal S Blaisdell Arena still has tickets available via Ticketmaster.  There also seems to be a massive bunch of readers in attendance, so join the tropical party!

The Melbourne show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl was sold out, but has recently had some further GA tickets released.  These are also available via the Aussie version of Ticketmaster.  Having said that, there are plenty of Fourtheye readers looking to sell tickets in the forum, so rather than using Ticketmaster, consider helping out one of your Fourtheye comrades first.  Prior to the Melbourne show there will be an official Fourtheye BBQ, details of which are still being nutted out here.

In Brisbane tickets were on sale for a while, but a quick check this morning shows that it’s now sold out!  As with the Melbourne show though there are Fourtheye readers with tickets to sell, so check out the tickets thread for details.

The remaining dates are all Big Day Out shows.  Of these the Gold Coast, Melbourne and 1st Sydney dates are sold out, with tickets available for the rest.  Get them from the usual ticketing outlets.  There are a few BDO tickets for sale in the ticketing thread, so make sure you check them out if you’re in the market.  Note that day 2 of the Sydney Big Day Out is now a 2 for 1 type deal, which is pretty good value if you ask me!

No word yet if there will be any special merchandise or posters for the tour.  Presumably there will be some kind of tour shirt available, but I know there are several Fourtheye readers keen to get their hands on an autographed poster should they become available…

Over the next couple of days I will be creating threads in this forum for each of the shows.  In order to retain the element of surprise for some Fourtheye readers (including myself) set lists from gigs will only be allowed to be posted in these threads.  Setlists posted outside of the official thread (including in blog comments) will not be looked upon kindly.

Tool ticket updates, A Perfect Circle winding up

I was at work on Friday so wasn’t able to update you guys about an extra release of tickets for the Brisbane Tool side show.  Luckily for us all though, Gold Standing tickets are still available as I write this!  If you missed out the first time then make sure you get on top of this pretty quick, since I imagine there aren’t many left!

Hawaii ticket sales seem to have gone well for most of you. My understanding is there’s still tickets available for that too.

As far as other Tool shows go, the Melbourne sideshow is sold out, and there’s a thread you can use to get tickets hereBig Day Outs in Melbourne and the Gold Coast are sold out, as is the first Sydney Big Day Out, however you can still get tickets to the New Zealand, 2nd Sydney, Adelaide and Perth Big Day Outs.  I expect that the NZ, Perth and Adelaide Big Day Outs will all sell out sometime prior to the show, so don’t leave your tickets too late.

A Perfect Circle play their last tour date today in Las Vegas, ending their short West Coast mini tour.  Reports from Fourtheye readers indicate the shows have been great.  Billy has been dropping hints that they’ll be back in February.  If this is true it’d be late February as Tool will be in Australia until the 6th and I’m sure Maynard would like a little time to visit his vineyards before he heads out on the road again.

Big Day Out tickets reminder

Big Day Out tickets go on sale this week, starting with Sydney tonight at midnight.  Details are below:








Tickets are available through our website at 12.01am in each city’s local time


through TICKETMASTER website only at 9am in each city’s local time

Please check individual city information pages on this website soon for any additional local outlets

You will be asked to read and agree to our Conditions of Sale and Admission before you can purchase tickets. Conditions of Sale and Admission can be viewed here



AUCKLAND: NZ$150 (inc gst) +bf

GOLD COAST: AU$155 (inc gst) +bf

SYDNEY: AU$155 (inc gst) +bf

MELBOURNE: AU$155 (inc gst) +bf

ADELAIDE: AU$155 (inc gst) +bf

PERTH: AU$155 (inc gst) +bf + $1.65 Perth Department of Transport Levy

NB:booking fees may vary pending on outlet & mode of purchase

Sydney traditionally sells out pretty quick, so if you’re planning on getting a ticket, plan to be online at midnight to do so.  I wouldn’t be surprised if tickets sell out by the time the average Tool fan wakes up.  Considering that the Sydney BDO is mid-week (on Australia Day) I wouldn’t be banking on a second show being announced.

For this years event, Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast Big Day Outs sold out pretty quick, and I don’t think Adelaide and Perth weren’t far behind.  As I said, if you’re planning on going, don’t leave it – buy your ticket as they go on sale.

Still no news on any side shows.  I think that there will be some, but don’t expect them to be announced until a week or so after festival tickets go on sale.

Update 1:  Here are specific details for the Sydney sale tonight/tomorrow:




Tonight at 12:01am SYDNEY TIME tickets go on sale via the Big Day Out


Tomorrow at 9:00am SYDNEY TIME (Wednesday 6th October)  tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster:


If you are in a different time zone and you wish to purchase tickets to the Sydney Big Day Out, you will need to do this at local Sydney (AEDT) times listed above.

Here is a link to help you figure out the local Sydney time:

Please Note: Tickets are only available ONLINE for the Sydney event.

Update 2: Sydney Big Day Out website tickets sold out in about 20 minutes.  Ticketmaster have an allocation that goes on sale right about now!

A Perfect Circle ticket sales wrap-up

Tickets for the November 2010 A Perfect Circle West Coast tour went on sale over the last 24 hours, and as expected there have been a few successes, as well as some failures.  The venues for all shows are quite small, and as a result getting tickets was hard work, but it appears to me that the majority of those who put in some time planning their attack managed to get tickets.

Still, there will be plenty of you who didn’t get them, and while I can’t help with tickets myself, I can offer the services of the Fourtheye forum to assist in your hunt.  MAGNUS has taken the liberty of starting a ticket trading forum, and I suggest you all use it.

Let’s all try and take this like adults and keep the grumbling to a minimum.  The venues were small, in some cases under 1000 seats, so as a result getting tickets were always going to be tough. Take it like a man/woman.  We all know scalpers suck, so posts like “goddamn scalpers lets kill them all” are unnecessary and won’t change anything. 

A Perfect Circle tour dates & ticketing

As promised A Perfect Circle released dates and ticketing information today:

  • November 4, Tempe, AZ, Marquee Theatre, Mer de Noms
  • November 5, Tempe, AZ, Marquee Theatre, Thirteenth Step
  • November 6, Tempe, AZ, Marquee Theatre, eMOTIVe
  • November 8, Los Angeles, CA, Avalon, Mer de Noms
  • November 9, Los Angeles, CA, Avalon, Thirteenth Step
  • November 10, Los Angeles, CA, Avalon, eMOTIVe
  • November 12, Seattle, WA, Showbox at the Market, Mer de Noms
  • November 13, Seattle, WA, Showbox at the Market, Thirteenth Step
  • November 14, Seattle, WA, Showbox at the Market, eMOTIVe
  • November 16, San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore, Mer de Noms
  • November 17, San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore, Thirteenth Step
  • November 18, San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore, eMOTIVe
  • November 20, Las Vegas, NV, The Pearl, Mer de Noms
  • November 21, Las Vegas, NV, The Pearl, Thirteenth Step

Ticket on-sale information:

  • Tempe, Los Angeles and Seattle: Sept. 24 at 10 am pst
  • Las Vegas: Sept. 24 at 12 noon pst
  • San Francisco: Sept. 26 at 10 am pst

There is a 2 ticket limit per show

A very limited number of VIP packages will be available for each show.  The two types of VIP packages are: 1.  Wine tasting, meet & greet and ticket to the show; 2.  Meet & greet and ticket to the show.  These packages will also be on-sale at the times listed above.

It doesn’t seem to say where the tickets are being sold, but I’m guessing via Ticketmaster

Update: According to Facebook tickets will be via Ticketmaster.  There are no pre-sales and there is a limit of two tickets per person.  There will be 3-day passes for every town except Vegas.

Ticket Hookups

Rather than starting a new thread for everyone who wants to sell tickets, I’ll just summarize things every day or so as I get new ones, or old ones are struck off the list.

At the moment we have:

  • 1 General Admission (plus parking) ticket to the show in Charlotte, NC on the 29th July.
  • Several seated tickets for San Antonio on the 24th July.
  • 2 Floor tickets for the Atlanta gig in Duluth on the 27th of July (sale pending, and has a few people in the waiting list!)
  • 1 Seated ticket for the Toronto show.

All of these tickets are for face value, and if you’re interested in any of them, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the seller.

Update: Forgot to mention a Toronto ticket!

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