Ipecac Records – UNKL Vinyl Figure Set

The Ipecac shop has the final remaining UNKL Figure sets for sale at the moment.  The set includes Tool favorites such as Isis, The Melvins, Tomahawk and Fantômas.  Get them before they’re all gone!

UNKL Figure Set
UNKL Figure Set

I’d love one for Christmas if anyone is feeling generous….

Australian Bands You Should Listen To…

A fiar percentage of our readers are from the US and other countries around the world, and since things are relatively quiet on the Tool front (at least until the next issue of Revolver comes out), I though it might be a good idea to try and introduce some of our overseas guests to some of our best Australian bands.  I’m not talking about AC/DC, Silverchair or Wolfmother, I mean genuinely good Aussie bands.  I’m going to talk about three of my favorites, so sit back and enjoy!

The first band I want to mention are a local Adelaide band that I’m sure man of our Australian readers are quite familiar with.  The Mark of Cain have been around for over 20 years, and in my opinion are the best live band in Australia.  Their sound is described as a mix between Big Black, Joy Division and Helmet.  The Mark of Cain were at their height of popularity in the late 90s and it may surprise some readers to hear that they are still going strong, though live shows and tours are few and far between these days.  This is largely due to the fact that their drummer is ex-Helmet/Tomahawk/Battles skinsman John Stanier.

TMOC have just recently been in the recording studio working on their next album, which is expected to be released independantly later this year.  Long time fan Henry Rollins is also expected to make an appearance on this album.

For those of you who want to check them out, visit their website or Myspace page.  My favorite albums are This is This and Ill At Ease.

Cog are a band that many Fourtheye and Tool fans are familiar with, and there are probably many that consider them to be Australia’s answer to Tool.  There are undeniable similarities between the music of the two bands, though many differences as well.  I consider Cog to be much mellower than Tool, and I find the vocals a little grating at times. Having said that, i still enjoy their work, and their latest album Sharing Space (produced by Undertow producer Sylvia Massey) is probably their best to date.

Cog are currently touring around Australia, and I’m planning to see them when they hit Adelaide.  You can hear some of their music at their Myspace page.

Front End Loader are another Aussie band that have been around for a while.  This quirky hard rock outfit have been taking it easy for a while now, but have just released a live CD Laughing With Knives, and are playing live shows once more.  Their last tour missed Adelaide, which was a bit disappointing, but hopefully next time they’ll pay us a visit.  The guys are one of the best live bands around, and their drummer Pete is in my opinion Australia’s best drummer.  His talents are well and truly wasted playing in Regurgitator, and FEL’s use of rhythm is the perfect showboat for his skills.

Once again, these guys have a Myspace page with some tracks you can listen to.

There are many other Aussie bands out there worth checking out, these are just the ones I enjoy the most.  Off the top of my head other bands worth checking out are Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and Bloodduster.  I also have a soft spot for a couple of bands that are no longer with us – Christbait and Magnacite.

There are plenty more good bands out there, if you know of any more good Australian bands our readers should know about, then let us know why in the comments below.

Tool – Special Guests Compilation

Scarletletterman from Toolarmy has put together a compilation ove live bootlegs with many of the guest musicians that have played with Tool over the years.  It seems pretty comprehensive to me, so grab a copy from Megaupload.  Big thumbs up!

Here’s a list of the tracks:

  1. Holiday in Cambodia – with Jello Biafra ex-The Dead Kennedys- 12.11.07
  2. Sober with Serj Tankian of System of A Down- 01.19.07
  3. Lateralus with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine- Bonnaroo 2007
  4. Stranglehold with King Buzzo of the Melvins
  5. Sober with Kirk Hammett of Metallica- 08.18.06
  6. You Lied with King Buzzo
  7. Stinkfist with King Buzzo 08.26.98
  8. Demon Cleaner with Scott Reeder of Kyuss
  9. Third Eye with Vince DeFranco – 8.13.02
  10. 46 & 2 with Masa – 02.10.07
  11. Pushit with Aloke Dutta
  12. Spasm with King Buzzo 10-10-1999
  13. Opiate with Al-Sayed – 06.28.06
  14. Opiate with Layne Staley – Bremerton – 05.28.94
  15. Opiate with Layne Staley – Hawaii – 08.15.93
  16. Opiate with Tricky
  17. Opiate with Human Beat Box performers – 02.10.07
  18. Lateralus with Trey & Pat of King Crimson – 12.04.07
  19. Lateralus with Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am – 11.29.07
  20. Lateralus with Brann Dailor of Mastodon – 06.04.07
  21. Lateralus with Kinski – 05.26.07
  22. Lateralus with Melt Banana – 06.09.07
  23. Lateralus with Herman Lee of Dragonforce – 08.22.07
  24. Lateralus with Trey and Pat of King Crimson – 05.21.07
  25. Lateralus with Coady Willis of Big Business – 07.16.07
  26. Lateralus with Sebastian from Trans Am and Tim Alexander of Primus- 12.11.07
  27. Triad with John Stanier of Tomahawk/Battles/The Mark Of Cain 07.19.02
  28. Triad with Dave Lombardo of Fantômas/Slayer
  29. Triad with Tomas Haake of Meshuggah 11.16.02
  30. Triad with Mike Bordin of Faith No More- 05.25.02
  31. Bottom with Al-Sayed 07.21.94
  32. Bottom with Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine- 08.07.93

Ipecac Figurines

Sick of buying Tool T-Shirts? Then check out these cool figurines, available from Ipecac in January next year. Models include Tool favorites The Melvins, Tomahawk, Fantomas and Isis:

Ipecac Toys

Ipecac Store + Melvins Doll

Looks like Ipecac Recordings have opened an online store to sell stuff for their more popular bands. You can find a wide selection of shirts and stuff from all your favorites, including Tool tour mates Tomahawk, Fantomas, Isis and The Melvins. Some cool stuff there.

One thing you can purchase is this cool Melvins Doll. it could be yours for US$50!

Melvins Doll

Poll Results: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Last weeks poll asked what was your favorite Mike Patton project?

Personally I’m a Tomahawk fan, but it came as no surprise to me to see that Faith No More won the poll.  Faith No More were pretty much a defining band for me as a teenager.  Without them, and particularly Angel Dust I probably would never got into Heavy Music at all, and would be stuck in the purgatory of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

Still, my love of The Jesus Lizard and Helmet make me love Tomahawk in a way only rivalled by Tool.

In reality tough, there are few Mike Patton projects I don’t like.  I’ve seen Mr Bungle live twice, and both times would be in my top 10 of live shows ever, especially the show from the California tour.

Here are the results:

  1. Faith No More 188 Votes
  2. Mr Bungle 70 Votes
  3. Fantomas 67 Votes
  4.  Tomahawk 58 Votes
  5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 49 Votes
  6. Peeping Tom 18 Votes
  7. Lovage 8 Votes
  8. General Patton vs. The X-ecutioners 2 Votes
  9. Maldoror 1 Vote
  10. Various Solo Albums No Votes!

For the first time ever, one of the items received no votes!  I really didn’t thing the Mike Patton Solo stuff was that bad!

New poll coming soon!

Ipecac Stuff

A couple of bits of info for those of you who are Mike Patton fans.

Tour dates for Peeping Tom’s trip to Australia and New Zealand have been confirmed:

  • 16th June Auckland
  • 19th June Brisbane
  • 21st June Sydney
  • 22nd June Melbourne
  • 24th June Perth

Looks like South Australians (and South Islanders!) miss out again.  One less show for me to go too I suppose.  I like Peeping Tom, but not enough to travel interstate to see them.

For Tomahawk fans, a new and allegedly official Myspace page tells us that the new album “Anonymous”  will be released on the  19th of June.  Last I heard, this new album will contain several re-worked Native American songs.  Here’s the cover art:

Ipecac New Year

Ipecac Recordings posted a message the other day outlining it’s plans for 2007.  Apparently we can expect releases from Tomahawk, The Melvins and Goon Moon (featuring Twiggy Ramierez).  There will also be a couple of DVD’s and “some big surprises”.  It’s also good to see that Unsane have signed up with Ipecac as well.  For those that haven’t heard them, they’re a hard rock band in the vain of Helmet, only heavier.  Well worth checking out.

Check out the Ipecac Website for more details.

Tour Poll Results

Last weeks poll asked who who you would prefer see Tool tour with again. This options ai gave were made up of artists Tool have toured with in the last couple of tours. I was somewhat surprised to see King Crimson win the poll. I knew they were popular amongst Tool fans but didn’t expect them to win the poll. I voted for Tomahawk based pretty much on the fact that they’re my favorite band on that list, but really I’d be happy seeing any of the bands on that list. Here are the results:

  1. King Crimson 108 Votes
  2. Isis 92 Votes
  3. Meshuggah 64 Votes
  4. The Melvins 53 Votes
  5. Tomahawk 37 Votes
  6. Fantomas 33 Votes
  7. Mastodon 31 Votes
  8. Tricky 29 Votes

This week the poll asks what Tool item you would rather see in your Xmas stocking on Monday morning. Vote away!!

Tomahawk in 2007, Fantômas Later

Some news regarding the bands Tomahawk and Fantômas was posted on Toolarmy by Bastardometer earlier today.  It seems as though the new Tomahawk CD is coming eventually, and that the guys hope to record by the end of the year.  The reason for the delay has been Patton’s commitments to Peeping Tom.  The new CD is said to consist of versions of public domain Native American songs.  Lipan Conjuring anyone?
Not so good news for Fantômas though, it looks like their promised “electronic only” album will not see the light of day for a couple of years.  Sounds like an interesting concept though, and I hope it will be worth the wait.

A video interview with Mike Patton where he talks about his music can be found here.

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