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Tool Revisited part 3: Big Day Out 2011 Tour

Just over a year ago, Tool took to the stage for a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Big Day Out Festival as well as a brief stopover in Hawaii.   At the time I started writing an article covering the events of the tour, but never got around to publishing it.  Since Tool have just completed a Winter tour of North America, I thought now would be a great time to complete and revisit this article.  Enjoy!

About a week ago, Tool played the final date of the 2011 Big Day Out tour, which included shows in Hawaii, Auckland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  I was lucky enough to see them play at the Music Bowl in Melbourne, and then at the Big Day Out show in Adelaide, and I know many more of you lucky readers were also able to see them.

The tour itself started off in Hawaii, where a large group of Toolarmy & Fourtheye readers from the US congregated for get together, some of whom haven’t been heard from since.  The Tool show there featured the usual range of hits, unusually however starting with Aenima and ending with Stinkfist.  Stinkfist went on to become the regular closer for most of the tour.  The other highlight for fans was Kirk Hammett once again joining Tool on stage, this time for a jam during Lateralus featuring a couple of verses from Orion.  Lasers seemed to be missing from the gig, however that appeared to be only a Hawaiian thing, and they appeared as expected at the first Big Day Out show.

A week later the first BDO show in Auckland, New Zealand.  Following on from a blistering set from Rammstein, Tool played a very similar set to the Hawaii show, swapping Flood for Intolerance.  Reports suggest that it was quite wet on the day, especially during The Patient.

Flood ravaged Queensland was next on Tool’s hitlist where they played two shows, one at the Big Day Out in the Gold Coast, and then the other 100km north in Brisbane.  To some readers surprise (not mine) they played Aenima at both shows, and Flood at the Gold Coast show.  Though they didn’t get Flood, Brisbane fans were treated to You Lied, which featured Justin providing some backing vocals during the tune.  The Brisbane show was pretty highly received both on Fourtheye and in the Tool camp, with Danny’s girlfriend Rynne suggesting it was in her top 5 Tool shows.

Later that week, Tool played back to back shows in Sydney, headlining the two Big Day Outs that took place at the Homebush Showgrounds.  Due to underwhelming ticket sales Day 2 of the Big Day Out was half price, so Tool fans had the opportunity to check them out for a little cheaper than normal if they wanted.  Both shows were a little on the short side (unsurprising being festival sets) but they were treated to several changes in the setlist.  Night one featured The Patient, Intolerance and The Pot, while night two saw You Lied and Flood get a run, as well as the return of Stinkfist to the set.  Someone was thoughtful enough to record one of the sets:

Like Sydney, Tool played two shows in Melbourne, the first being at the Big Day Out, and then the second being a side show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  The relatively short Big Day Out set saw them playing The Patient and Flood, while those lucky enough to go to the side show saw Intension, Right In Two, You Lied, as well as Third Eye which was omitted the night before.

Prior to the Melbourne side show, a bunch of Fourtheye readers, as well as a few passers by and one Toolnavy member had a BBQ on the backs of the Yarra.  A good time was had by all!  The Music Bowl is a nice venue, located right in the middle of the Melbourne Parklands.  Most of us who attended the meetup thankfully had seated tickets near the front.  I was lucky enough to get a special ticket which allowed me to go backstage and mingle with other backstage types.  Sadly my phone/camera was flat by this stage, so photo opportunities were limited, but I did get to meet Justin, Rynne and the guys from Jakob (who were the support act for the side shows).  I also saw Danny and Adam around the place, but never got the chance to say hello.  Maynard was nowhere to be seen, having left the venue not long after the show ended so I was told.  I also got to have a short chat with Junior before the show, who was a little grumpy due to the lighting booth being located in a spot with no line of sight to the stage.  Despite that, the lighting seemed to work almost without hitch!

The next show was to be the Adelaide Big Day Out, the second show I planned to catch on this tour.  Being a festival show, I expected it to be a little short an uninteresting.  How wrong I was, as it turned out to be a highlight of the tour!  Playing with Tool on the Big Day Out were German metal act Rammstein, who are well known for their pyrotechnic stage shows.  A drum kit was on stage for the entire Tool show, so I knew something was going to happen, and sure enough during Lateralus Christoph from Rammstein comes out on stage to do his drum solo thing.  With Christoph came Till and Paul also from the band, Till with a flamethrower in hand!  The end result was a smouldering drumkit, and what appeared to be a terrified Adam & Justin and flames lept their way.  Thankfully, it was recorded by the Tool stage crew for our enjoyment!

Not only that, but Tool seemed to perform well past the advertised finishing time, playing what was essentially a full set (though without the usual segues between songs).  Combined with a great Rammstein show before hand, as well as a few other choice acts it was a great Big Day Out.  I also got to chat with Rynne again, and also met Justin’s wife Shelee.  They’d both been to check out Grinderman play on one of the side stages, and were very inpressed by the show Nick Cave & co. put on!

Perth got a similar treatment to Adelaide, with a set longer than the usual festival length, however they weren’t privy to any flaming escapades like my Adelaide brethren.  They were however treated to on of the few playings of 46&2 that tour.

In total, Tool played 14 different songs on the tour:

  • Aenema, Schism, Jambi, Lateralus and Vicarious were played at each show
  • Third Eye was the opener for most shows except a few of the festival dates
  • Stinkfist, EBA/The Patient and Flood were regularly played
  • You Lied, Intension + Right In Two, The Pot and 46&2 were occasionally played

In summary, the whole tour seemed to be a great success.  The band seemed really into it, Maynard’s vocals were of an excellent quality, some older songs were added to the setlist.  On a personal note I think it’s great to see Tool doing more smaller tours here and there.  I think this is probably a sign of things to come, and we will no longer be seeing Tool on the road for months at a stretch.  The only downside now is the inevitable long wait for the next tour…

Tool Big Day Out Posters

I’ve dropped a few hints in the forums in regards to Tool Big Day Out Posters possibly being available online following the tour, and tonight I received the news that this is indeed the case.  Melbourne printers Beyond The Pale printed all of the posters for the 2011 tour (excluding Hawaii I think) and the leftovers, all unsigned are available from their website.

Limited quantities from the Melbourne side show, Melbourne Big Day Out and Auckland Big Day Out are all available, and each of them cost AU$35 plus postage.  There’s also a range of other bands posters on the website, the artwork and printing that these guys to are top quality, and they do frame poster as well, so make sure you check it out!

I was lucky enough to visit their gallery when I was in Melbourne, and though not advertised on the website, I reckon there were several other Tool posters available in the store, including the Gold Coast Big Day Out poster, and a range of other US ones I reckon I’ve seen around the place before.  If you’re down in St. Kilda one day, it’s definitely worth a visit!


January Tool Newsletter

One last post before I hit the road – Blair has posted the January Newsletter on Toolband, which contains plenty of references to the current tour.  It’s full of spoilers for those who are yet to see them live so consider yourself warned!

On The Road

Well, the time has come for me to hit the road and check out a couple of Tool shows.  As a result I’ll be largely offline the next couple of days, however via the wonders of mobile technology I will probably tweet now and then.

The first A Perfect Circle gig in the USA for 2011 has just been announced at the Rock On The Range Festival in Ohio.  As more dates come I shall tweet them, and post a summary of them when I’m back in front of the PC this weekend.  Thanks to Toolshed1502 for the tip.  My advice is keep an eye on other prominent US festivals due to be announced in the coming weeks…

Too all the Tool fans travelling to Melbourne, I hope you get there in a safe and timely manner, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you at the BBQ tomorrow afternoon!

Another Tool video from the road

Maynard has posted another Tool video from the road, this time from the second Sydney Big Day Out show on the 27th.  Video contains spoilers:

song from Tool’s Jan 27 show

Brisbane Tool Review, Tool Twats, Sydney Posters

Andrew from The Vine emailed me today a nice review he did of the Tool show in Brisbane last night.  I won’t post any details here in order to avoid spoiling things for those trying to remain in the dark, but if you want more detail on the show last night then take a look at the review thread in our forum.

In other news Maynard appears to have convinced the holder of the @tool account on Twitter to hand it over to him, so stay tuned for some Tool related twats in the near future.

Speaking of Twitter, I’ve just noticed that Fourtheye’s twitter feed doesn’t seem to be including posts any more.  Looks like the plugin I use doesn’t work since Twitter updated their login system.  Stay tuned while I fix it, in the meantime I’ll probably just tweet things manually for a while!

Finally, the poster for the two Sydney Big Day Out shows has been posted up on Toolband.  For the lazy here it is:


Gold Coast Poster/Shirt

Jujano kindly shared with me a pic of the Gold Coast Big Day Out shirt he purchased.  Poster is the same:



Update 2: Just as I post this, the Big Day Out site has published this on and the Brisbane one, which I must say looks fucking awesome:


Update 2: And so Toolband doesn’t miss out on the action they just posted the Auckland poster:



Enjoy the show Kiwis!

Note regarding setlists

As with the last tour, in order to protect that who wish to be kept surprised by the set list, there will be a strict rule against posting them.  I have created and official thread for each show, and this thread is the only one that I will accept set lists be posted in.  Set lists posted elsewhere will be deleted without question, and repeat offenders face getting banned.

The thread for tonight’s show in Honolulu can be found here.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the shows!

Queensland Floods…

As some of you know, many residents of the state of Queensland are being bombarded with record levels of rain and flooding.  In the last few weeks there have been 29 deaths associated with the flooding, including at least 12 in the recent flash flooding in the Lockyer Valley, and there are many more missing.  On top of this is the infrastructure damage that comes with such widespread water, and as a result there is a large call for donations to help those in need at these tough times.  In order to help out, all donations received to Fourtheye for the remainder of January will be forwarded directly to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

On top of that, for every $5 a reader donates they will go in the running to receive an Australian Tool Tour shirt (size and design of their choice including postage to wherever you live), which I shall endeavour to get signed by as many of the Tool crew as possible when I’m down in Melbourne.  The donation form using Paypal is at the top right of the page, so get onto it and help out Australians in need. Update: Those of you reading this in the forum can find the Paypal form at the top right of this page.

I know there are plenty of Tool fans in Queensland who are concerned about the Tool shows that are planned for later this month.  The good news is that at this stage the Big Day Out organisers have confirmed that the Gold Coast Big Day Out will go ahead unchanged, as the area has be left largely untouched by the flooding.  Staff at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre have also confirmed that the aren’t expecting any damage to the venue, and that the Tool show there should go as planned.  Thanks to vuduuu for that information.

Update 1: Over $200 in under 24 hours.! Thanks to all our reader for their support!  Keep on giving though.  Anyone who would like to donate through the official site rather than using Paypal can feel free, just send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll enter you in the competition.

Update 2: Now up to $466.66.  Great work everyone!

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