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Tool Revisited part 3: Big Day Out 2011 Tour

Just over a year ago, Tool took to the stage for a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Big Day Out Festival as well as a brief stopover in Hawaii.   At the time I started writing an article covering the events of the tour, but never got around to publishing it.  Since Tool have just completed a Winter tour of North America, I thought now would be a great time to complete and revisit this article.  Enjoy!

About a week ago, Tool played the final date of the 2011 Big Day Out tour, which included shows in Hawaii, Auckland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  I was lucky enough to see them play at the Music Bowl in Melbourne, and then at the Big Day Out show in Adelaide, and I know many more of you lucky readers were also able to see them.

The tour itself started off in Hawaii, where a large group of Toolarmy & Fourtheye readers from the US congregated for get together, some of whom haven’t been heard from since.  The Tool show there featured the usual range of hits, unusually however starting with Aenima and ending with Stinkfist.  Stinkfist went on to become the regular closer for most of the tour.  The other highlight for fans was Kirk Hammett once again joining Tool on stage, this time for a jam during Lateralus featuring a couple of verses from Orion.  Lasers seemed to be missing from the gig, however that appeared to be only a Hawaiian thing, and they appeared as expected at the first Big Day Out show.

A week later the first BDO show in Auckland, New Zealand.  Following on from a blistering set from Rammstein, Tool played a very similar set to the Hawaii show, swapping Flood for Intolerance.  Reports suggest that it was quite wet on the day, especially during The Patient.

Flood ravaged Queensland was next on Tool’s hitlist where they played two shows, one at the Big Day Out in the Gold Coast, and then the other 100km north in Brisbane.  To some readers surprise (not mine) they played Aenima at both shows, and Flood at the Gold Coast show.  Though they didn’t get Flood, Brisbane fans were treated to You Lied, which featured Justin providing some backing vocals during the tune.  The Brisbane show was pretty highly received both on Fourtheye and in the Tool camp, with Danny’s girlfriend Rynne suggesting it was in her top 5 Tool shows.

Later that week, Tool played back to back shows in Sydney, headlining the two Big Day Outs that took place at the Homebush Showgrounds.  Due to underwhelming ticket sales Day 2 of the Big Day Out was half price, so Tool fans had the opportunity to check them out for a little cheaper than normal if they wanted.  Both shows were a little on the short side (unsurprising being festival sets) but they were treated to several changes in the setlist.  Night one featured The Patient, Intolerance and The Pot, while night two saw You Lied and Flood get a run, as well as the return of Stinkfist to the set.  Someone was thoughtful enough to record one of the sets:

Like Sydney, Tool played two shows in Melbourne, the first being at the Big Day Out, and then the second being a side show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  The relatively short Big Day Out set saw them playing The Patient and Flood, while those lucky enough to go to the side show saw Intension, Right In Two, You Lied, as well as Third Eye which was omitted the night before.

Prior to the Melbourne side show, a bunch of Fourtheye readers, as well as a few passers by and one Toolnavy member had a BBQ on the backs of the Yarra.  A good time was had by all!  The Music Bowl is a nice venue, located right in the middle of the Melbourne Parklands.  Most of us who attended the meetup thankfully had seated tickets near the front.  I was lucky enough to get a special ticket which allowed me to go backstage and mingle with other backstage types.  Sadly my phone/camera was flat by this stage, so photo opportunities were limited, but I did get to meet Justin, Rynne and the guys from Jakob (who were the support act for the side shows).  I also saw Danny and Adam around the place, but never got the chance to say hello.  Maynard was nowhere to be seen, having left the venue not long after the show ended so I was told.  I also got to have a short chat with Junior before the show, who was a little grumpy due to the lighting booth being located in a spot with no line of sight to the stage.  Despite that, the lighting seemed to work almost without hitch!

The next show was to be the Adelaide Big Day Out, the second show I planned to catch on this tour.  Being a festival show, I expected it to be a little short an uninteresting.  How wrong I was, as it turned out to be a highlight of the tour!  Playing with Tool on the Big Day Out were German metal act Rammstein, who are well known for their pyrotechnic stage shows.  A drum kit was on stage for the entire Tool show, so I knew something was going to happen, and sure enough during Lateralus Christoph from Rammstein comes out on stage to do his drum solo thing.  With Christoph came Till and Paul also from the band, Till with a flamethrower in hand!  The end result was a smouldering drumkit, and what appeared to be a terrified Adam & Justin and flames lept their way.  Thankfully, it was recorded by the Tool stage crew for our enjoyment!

Not only that, but Tool seemed to perform well past the advertised finishing time, playing what was essentially a full set (though without the usual segues between songs).  Combined with a great Rammstein show before hand, as well as a few other choice acts it was a great Big Day Out.  I also got to chat with Rynne again, and also met Justin’s wife Shelee.  They’d both been to check out Grinderman play on one of the side stages, and were very inpressed by the show Nick Cave & co. put on!

Perth got a similar treatment to Adelaide, with a set longer than the usual festival length, however they weren’t privy to any flaming escapades like my Adelaide brethren.  They were however treated to on of the few playings of 46&2 that tour.

In total, Tool played 14 different songs on the tour:

  • Aenema, Schism, Jambi, Lateralus and Vicarious were played at each show
  • Third Eye was the opener for most shows except a few of the festival dates
  • Stinkfist, EBA/The Patient and Flood were regularly played
  • You Lied, Intension + Right In Two, The Pot and 46&2 were occasionally played

In summary, the whole tour seemed to be a great success.  The band seemed really into it, Maynard’s vocals were of an excellent quality, some older songs were added to the setlist.  On a personal note I think it’s great to see Tool doing more smaller tours here and there.  I think this is probably a sign of things to come, and we will no longer be seeing Tool on the road for months at a stretch.  The only downside now is the inevitable long wait for the next tour…

Tool Revisited part 2: Tool Covers

The next edition of Tool Revisited is written by Fourtheye and Toolnavy regular Kanaduh.  He found the time to find a few interesting covers from Youtube and write about the for our pleasure.  Bear in mind that my views don’t necessarily reflect those of the writer!  If you’d like to contribute to this series, then feel free to email me and let me know what you’d like to write about.

There are hundreds of Tool covers out there.  They may have been uploaded on to the Internet months or years ago, yet the vast majority of them do not ever see the light of day.  I spent a few days carefully going through an endless list of Tool covers on YouTube and have compiled a list of the top 10 covers.

1. "Lateralus" (Japanese Version)

This was posted on Toolband last year.  Fucking epic!  Nothing more needs to be said.

2. Adam Monroe – "Vicarious"

Did you know this guy did such a good job with posting YouTube covers that that Billy Howerdel invited him to tour with Ashes Divide in 2009?!  Yep, that’s right.  Props to this guy for getting recognized and making a name for himself.  I personally love this version of Vicarious, he does an excellent job.

3. Transient Organs – "The Patient"

This one is rather controversial on YouTube.  Their videos get a lot of negative feedback due to the female lead singers voice.  Despite this, I think this video deserves some recognition.  I’m not an expert, but the instrumentals sound pretty accurate and well done.  Not to mention the great job they did with the visuals – FUCKING ACROBATICS!  Bravo, guys (and gal).

4. Irongoddesstea – "Right in Two"

Right in Two?  Check. 

Piano?  Check.

Cute Asian?  Check.

Need I say more?

Random fact: Adam Jones personally posted this video on his MySpace page a few years ago, and then flew her out to the Toronto 2009 summer Tool show!

5. TOOLbassplayer – "Jambi"

There are a lot of guitar/bass Tool covers for virtually every song on YouTube.  This guy stands out on top of the rest, however, with his superb quality bass covers.  If you have not heard of him or checked out his channel yet then DO IT NOW!  He has tons of covers on his channel.

6. Danny Fucking Carey – "Rosetta Stoned"

Can a person "cover" their own band?  I’m not even sure if this counts.  Oh well.  This video is too fucking badass to not be included on the list.  You gotta love that big screen up close view from behind!

7. 14 Year Old Vasi – "Right in Two"

"Hi, I’m 14 years old.  I have been going to tool concerts since I was 11 years old.  Tool has inspired me to be the musician I am today."  Kudos to her parents.

8. Ginarae – "Eulogy"

Magnificent.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.  Her voice is angelic.

9. "Hot Tool Drummer Girl"

She’s hot.  She likes Tool.  She drums.  ’nuff said.

Check her out.  I mean, her drumming.


10. "Fred Durst Fucking Sucks!"


1548 Dislikes.

This is a real video.  From a real concert.  I shit you not.

"175 tonedeaf fuckwits missed the DISLIKE  button"

If something ever happens to Maynard – I think we found his replacement!

11. do NOT take drugs

Or you end up like this guy trying to cover Tool.


I know I said 10 videos.  But this guy was too brilliant to not be included.

Hope you all enjoyed the list.  Feel free to share your favourite covers.

Tool Revisited part 1: Divorced

Tool Revisited is a series of articles dedicated to analysing, and discussing a Tool related topic, be it a song, album, show, side project or anything really.  I plan on publishing one of these every week or so, and hopefully it may fill in some gaps in your own Tool knowledge, or even just generate some interesting conversation.  If anyone has any ideas for future topics (or even wants to be a guest writer) then let me know.

The first of these articles is about the Tool/Melvins collaboration Divorced.  This 15 minute track appeared on the Melvins album, The Crybaby, which featured many such collaborations not only with Tool but with other acts such as Mike Patton, David Yow, Skeleton Key and Hank Williams III.

According to the liner notes from the album:

"Tool: What can we say about these generous monsters? They have consistently been models of integrity professionally and personally, no matter how big they get; an example a LOT of bands could learn from. Dale came up with the song, we recorded it, and they slithered away with the tape. The man-love we feel for these gents knows no bounds, and their sweaty hands have been all over this baby. Their massive artistry cannot be denied."

Written by Dale Crover and the Melvins
Produced by the Melvins, Tool, Ryeland Allison and Vincent DeFranco
Recorded at the Lodge, Hollywood, CA
Tool appears courtesy of Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C.

The track itself is a long, largely bass and drum driven track and also includes significant guitar riffs provided by both Adam Jones from Tool and King Buzzo from The Melvins.  The track features no vocals of any note, except for a few screams, whispers and conversations.  While not confirmed, it is assumed that Justin recorded the bass parts, and to my ears it sounds much like his sound and technique on the track.

Perhaps even more significant is the drum duel that takes place mid track between Danny Carey and Dale Crover.  Though never confirmed, it is thought that Danny appears in the right channel of the recording, with Dale appearing on the left.  There are some fantastic sections where both drummers exercise their considerable talents, making this track a must listen for those drumophiles out there.  In some ways it feels to me that this track was a precursor to both Tool’s regular drum duels while on tour, and the future pairing of The Melvins with the guys from Big Business.

Shane from Toolshed summarised the track as follows:

1. keyboard/organ (sounds like it’s through a rotating cabinet)
2. sequencer percussion, electronic effects, with snare drum
3. left and right mixed drum tracks (Dale – left and Danny – right)
4. overdriven bass line (likely Justin)
5. whispered vocals (sounds like Buzz)
6. guitars, basses, and drums come in…heavy riffing
7. screaming (likely Buzz or Kevin [Rutmanis – former Melvins bass player])
8. repeat 3-5
9. repeat 6-7
10. drumming (Danny) over guitar feedback and playing, distorted bass
11. guitars, basses, and drums…heavy riffing (no vocals)
12. guitar solo and melody
13. drum solo duet (Dale and Danny) over guitar feedback
14. guitars, basses, and drums…heavy riffing (no vocals)
15. phone conversation (Maynard and someone) about a woman’s voice over trance music

As mentioned as point 15 in the list, at around around 13:30 into the song, this conversation takes place.  At this stage I’m reasonably confident the “someone” mentioned above is Danny:

DANNY: what about Ryan?
MAYNARD: no, he blew it, he lost the number for the girl he met down here.
DANNY: oh,and Adam said she’s a beauty.
MAYNARD: she’s the one who has that fucked up voice.
DANNY: is she a rocket scientist?
MAYNARD: the fuckin…she has a voice like a fuckin’ modem dude!
DANNY: (laughs) sounds perfect!
MAYNARD: imitates a chick with a voice like a modem sayin’ some weird gibberish…(you have to hear it)
DANNY: (laughs heavely)
MAYNARD: then he got to work up there, you know Ryan gets off at work,i guess to show that he has a dick.
DANNY: (laughs again)

Are Danny & Maynard reading from some kind of script, or is this a genuine discussion.  Who is Ryan?  I guess we may never know.

For those that haven’t heard the track, here’s a Youtube link for you!

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