Tool Tour 2017

Tool Summer 2017 tour wrapup

The Tool Summer 2017 tour is done; capped off with a huge show at San Bernadino this evening. I’ve been holding back posting much about the tour, as I don’t really want to spoil it for those who are attending shows, but now that were all done, here’s a re-cap of what went down:

  • Tool played much the same setlist each night.  It was a pretty good one, though some are critical that it doesn’t include Lateralus:
    • The Grudge
    • Parabol
    • Parabola
    • Schism (typically the extended version)
    • Opiate (the new extended version – more on this further down)
    • Ænema
    • Descending
    • Jambi
    • Third Eye
    • Forty-Six & 2
    • ~12 minute intermission
    • Drum Solo
    • The Pot/Vicarious/Eulogy
    • Sweat
    • Stinkfist (typically the extended version)
  • Vicarious was played at most shows, with Eulogy once in Hershey, PA and then The Pot at several others.  Those at the San Bernadino show were lucky enough to see both Vicarious and The Pot.
  • The Pot was accompanied by some cool new video footage some speculate may be the video that was recorded for it sometime many years ago.  There has been no official confirmation of this.

  • The stage configuration was similar to the past couple of tours, with a few new lights in stage, as well as lasers placed in the centre of the main video wall (which made for a few cool effects).  Despite bans on recording, there’s plenty of footage of the show on Youtube for those curious.
  • The posters for the shows were variations of the bug theme used on recent tours.  While this may seem a little disappointing, the poster quality was pretty high with a foil type paper used on many of them. (image pinched from pooptank55 on Reddit)

  • The San Bernadino show had a one off poster by Adi Granov.  Image taken from Adi Granov’s Instagram account

  • Speaking of San Bernadino, despite a few suggestions otherwise there didn’t appear to be much “special” about the set.  As previously mentioned, they played a song longer than usual, but there were no guest slots from what I’ve heard.  Given the quality of the support acts, no doubt it was a great day, but the Tool set didn’t appear to be much out of the ordinary.
  • From the videos I’ve watched, I have to say the band are in really good nick.  Maynard’s vocals are as good as they’ve been for quite some time now, in fact probably the strongest since 10,000 Days.
  • Reports from the VIP sessions sound like they were much the same as those in the past, with one important distinction – attendees were shown part of the new video for Opiate (which is strongly suspected to be the “curveball” Blair has referred too over the years).  The whole video wasn’t shown, but what was shown was reportedly excellent.  Accompanying the video is a new recording of the extended version of the song, including new vocals from Maynard.  Nor release date for this was given, though I read that Adam suggested this could be released digitally at the appropriate time.

Here’s a collection of reviews from the tour:

tl;dr a couple of minor surprises, otherwise the same old (albeit high quality) Tool show


Tool announce huge San Bernadino show

Most of us already knew that a San Bernadino show was coming, but Tool have made a big announcement this morning telling us that the support acts for this gig will include both The Melvins and Primus as well as Live DJ Sets from The Crystal Method + a yet to be announced guest.

Sounds like a great event – this time around there doesn’t appear to be a VIP session, or at least they haven’t announced one.

We are very excited to announce the unparalleled sonic and visual experience of TOOL LIVE IN CONCERT in the high-spirited setting of the GLEN HELEN AMPHITHEATER in SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA on JUNE 24, 2017.

Other bands on the bill for this monumental event in the Inland Empire include PRIMUS, the MELVINS, and the electronic spectacle of LIVE DJ SETS from THE CRYSTAL METHOD.

For the occasion, the band will also have an additional SPECIAL GUEST to be announced soon. Quite simply, fans of TOOL will not want to miss this SUMMER HAPPENING featuring critically acclaimed bands (and friends) on a stage where anything can happen.

June 24 – San Bernardino, CA @ Glen Helen Amphitheater


Tickets go ON-SALE on THURSDAY, APRIL 13 at 10am PDT.

Tool add Pennsylvania show on May 25

Tool have added a Pennsylvania show to their tour for the 25th of May.  It’ll be held at the Giant Center in Hersey, PA.  Tickets will go on sale this Saturday, with VIP tickets available to Toolarmy members a few days before.  The ticket details are much the same as the other shows.

No word on the San Bernadino show yet – hopefully some good news on that front in the days to come.

Tool San Bernadino show on the cards?

There was a rumour yesterday on Reddit of a Tool show in San Bernadino, California, with the likely venue being the San Manuel Ampitheater.  Today on Toolband Blair has posted a photo of the area with the label “Tool 06-24” which on the surface of things would appear to confirm June 24th as the date.

Hopefully we’ll get confirmation of it soon.  I suspect this will possibly be the final date of the tour.  Not sure what happened to the Anaheim rumour – perhaps the show will still go ahead, but I’m thinking that didn’t work out for one reason or another and San Bernadino is the replacement.  It’s a big venue, apparently holds 65k so would be a good way for the band to wind up the tour.

Northwest Tool dates announced

As expected more Tool dates have been announced, including a show at The Gorge and Vancouver as rumoured.  There’s also a few other Canadian dates which will please local fans:


– June 9: St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center (on-sale at 11am)

– June 12: Calgary, AB @ Scotiabank Saddledome

– June 13: Edmonton, AB @ Rogers Place

– June 15: Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena

– June 17: George, WA @ The Gorge Amphitheatre

There are VIP tickets available via Toolarmy for each of these shows, so check Tool’s website for details!

I reckon there are still more dates to come (mostly West Coast) so stay tuned!

More Tool Tour Dates coming soon?

There are plenty of rumours going round of further Tool shows, mostly over on the West Coast.  There is some expectation that these dates could be announced as soon as tomorrow.

Here is a summary:

  • Tool are rumoured by a good source to be playing at The Gorge near Seattle on June 17th.
  • Apparently a date for Vancouver appeared on the Tool Facebook page for June 15 and has subsequently been removed.
  • A user on Reddit spoke to Danny at a recent show in LA who confirmed the final show on the tour will be in Anaheim.  This user has gleaned similar information from Danny for previous tours.

So while there’s nothing too concrete just yet, all signs seem to be pointing to further Tool dates, most likely in the North East and West Coast areas in the US and Canada in June.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

An open letter to Tool regarding concerts and presales

Maybe I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, or maybe it’s just the disappointment of reading failed attempts at getting tickets in the forums, on Reddit and Toolnavy.  But I felt a rant is appropriate.  I welcome any comments from Fourtheye readers below!

Dear Tool,

There is a big problem with ticket sales.  The clusterfuck of disappointment for many in today’s sales are nothing new – it happens again and again during concert sales, particularly the large centres and frankly Tool fans are well and truly sick of it.

Yes, there are many well established problems with the way Ticketmaster and Stubhub work.  Problems with these providers seem to be hard ones for established acts to avoid.  This letter is not about appealing to you to solve these problems (though I expect many Tool fans would be more than happy to see their favorite band stand up to the ticketing agents).

The real problem here is a lack of meaningful presales.

I can’t remember the last time there was a Tool presale that fans were actually happy with.

Tool fans complain a lot – we all know this.  But in regards to tours, most of us agree that there are plenty reasons to be aggrieved.

The current system of presales only available to Toolarmy members, and only for $500 VIP tickets is nothing but an affirmation that Tool consider their fans to be cash cows.

Under the current system, you pay $50 per year for the “benefit” of buying $500 VIP passes to concerts.  VIP passes which are also available to the public, and in all but the largest of towns (Chicago being the only one sold out at time of writing) have relateively low levels of demand – so long as you don’t leave it until the last minute to buy a VIP pass, Toolarmy membership is not required.

There are no other meaningful benefits of being a Toolarmy member at this time.  Sure you get a shirt, a keychain and some other widgets, but I think most fans are not so motivated by yet more merchandise.

I would assert that for $50 per year, it is not unreasonable for fans to expect that presales could include non-VIP tickets.  Hell, many of Tool’s peers – Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead for example – run fan presales completely free.  No need to pay money to join a club for access to these tickets.

I’m a pretty casual Nine Inch Nails fan – when they last toured here with Queens of the Stone Age, I took the opportunity to purchase tickets via the fanclub presale.  The process was refreshingly simple.  Visit the appropriate website with a unique presale code, purchase the tickets and then in the week leading up to the event we were sent an email with details on how to collect the ticket.  Fans were even allowed inside the venue 15 minutes before the general opening time.  A couple of the NIN touring staff manned a desk outside the venue where those who ordered presale tickets picked them up after flashing a suitable ID.

It was dead simple and extremely effective.  Admittedly where I live in Adelaide concert tickets generally have low levels of demand, but the same story could be applied to NIN concerts around the globe.

Adam, Justin, Danny and Maynard – have your guys speak to NIN’s management and ask them how they do it. Or give Trent Reznor a call – I’m pretty sure at least Maynard has his number.  As a long time supporter of fans rights in music, I have no doubt he can give plenty of guidance on how to run an effective presale.

To be clear about the Tool VIP Experience tickets – I have no problems with these.  I hear nothing but good feeback from fans who have attended these sessions (I’d love to do one myself eventually).  Keep these kind of fan experiences coming, those who can afford them will take advantage of these, regardless of if they are Toolarmy members or not.

These ticketing issues to me are the biggest problem with Tool at the moment.  I actually don’t really care how long Tool take to write records – but when I see Tool fans getting shafted again and again, each and every tour, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I know many of you agree.

Tool, please take some time to do some research, speak to your management and peers, even speak to the fans and fix this problem.  When the new album comes out, ticket sales will be in even more demand.


Fourtheye Readers and Tool fans all around the world

Tool March 2017 Newsletter out now!

The Tool March 2017 Newsletter is out, and to save you all some time it’s just a summary of the tour announcements so far.  It suggests it’s a “work in progress” so perhaps there is more tour dates to come (there are certainly rumours of more dates).

In the mean time, I’m about to start putting together a rant of things that bug me in the Tool world that I’ll publish over the weekend.  Stay tuned!

Further details on Tool Presale VIP tickets

For those interested, here are some further details on the VIP ticket presale for the coming Tool dates.  Note that there is no VIP event for either of the festival dates.  There appears to be no presale on regular tickets either, which is disappointing.

For those of you with questions or who are having trouble figuring out how to purchase VIP PACKAGES, please read the following instructions carefully. The Pre-sale begins tomorrow (Wednesday, March 15th) at 10:00am PST and is available exclusively to Toolarmy members. To purchase, go to Tool’s webstore: (DO NOT GO TO TOOLARMY.COM)

Once there, log into your Toolarmy Member Store account using the password you created last year specifically to access the exclusive TA merch/products in the store. Note: To longtime Toolarmy members with accounts purchased PRIOR to June 6, 2016: the password for your store account is different from the password to your old account.

If you can’t remember your store password, click on the following link to reset your password: HERE

You will be prompted to enter the email address you signed up with, and then receive a password-reset email. Follow the instructions on the email to reset your password.

For non-Toolarmy members who would like to access the pre-sale, you must join and become a Toolarmy member via the webstore. Direct link for membership sign-up: SIGN-UP

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited quantities available for VIP packages

VIP package product description:

Admission for one (1) to the VIP event in the venue.
Early entry into the venue.
Live Q+A session with Adam Jones*
One (1) VIP merchandise pack (to be picked up at the VIP event)
Tool’s tour merchandise available for early purchase and at a discount at the VIP event
Photo opportunity
Light refreshments
*Live Q+A session is subject to change with another band member or band members


1. You must provide a pick-up/will call name for the order. Those persons listed under pick-up/will call name must present legal ID and show proof of purchase (email confirmation, confirmation number, etc.) at check-in time (to be determined). All VIP guests must be present and arrive on time for check-in. Late arrivals will not be allowed entry to VIP event.

2. All participants will be subject to a thorough search. ABSOLUTELY no cell phones, recording devices, etc. are permitted to be used during the live Q+A. Please note TOOL SECURITY will gather all devices and store them for each person. With the purchase of the event ticket, you agree that you will indemnify and hold Tool harmless from any and all claims that should arise while you are out of communication while your phone is secured.

3. We reserve the right to remove any person who does not adhere to the event rules.

4. There is no re-entry to the VIP event once you leave the venue.

5. No refunds on this ticket purchase

. 6. VIP merchandise pack contents are subject to change.

VIP Package price: $499.98 USD each

VIP Packages available tomorrow for the following shows:

Wed, May 24: Fairfax, VA @ EagleBank Arena
Sat, May 27: Bangor, ME @ Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion
Tue, May 30: Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena
Wed, May 31: Hamilton, ON @ First Ontario Centre
Fri, Jun 2: Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
Mon, Jun 5: Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events Center
Wed, Jun 7: Clarkston (Detroit), MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
Thur, Jun 8: Rosemont (Chicago), IL @ Allstate Arena
NO VIP event for Boston Calling (May 28) and Governor’s Ball (June 4)

Tool tour dates announced

The first batch of Tool tour dates for 2017 have been announced, and as expected seems to focus mainly on the northern parts of the US and Canada:


We are very excited to announce that TOOL will be bringing their unparalleled sonic and visual experience to a select number of cities in May and June 2017.

Along with the show dates, venues and ticket LINKS (provided below), please note the INFO regarding special PRE-SALE VIP PACKAGES for “ToolArmy” MEMBERS. For those who are NOT ToolArmy members, but would like to become one – in order to take advantage of the exclusive sale and other perks – membership purchase/signup is available via the Tool WEBSTORE ( I also encourage fans of the band to keep checking back with the Tool websites and socials for additional shows. Don’t miss your chance to attend a live performance by one of the world’s most highly acclaimed bands.

The ON-SALE DATE for the following shows is FRIDAY, MARCH 17th (10:00 am local time for all shows EXCEPT for Rosemont/Chicago, which will be 11:00 am local time). VIP PACKAGES for all these shows go ON-SALE on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15th at 10:00am PST – ONLY FOR TOOLARMY MEMBERS.


May 24 – Fairfax, VA @ EaglebankArena

May 27 – Bangor, ME @ Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion

May 28 – Boston Calling Festival @ Harvard Athletic Complex

May 30 – Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena

May 31 – Hamilton, ON @ First Ontario Centre

June 2 – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre


June 4 – New York City @ Randall’s Island Park

June 5 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events Center

June 7 – Clarkston, MI (Detroit) @ DTE Energy Music Theatre

June 8 – Rosemont, IL (Chicago) @ Allstate Arena (*11am onsale)

Stay tuned for more dates!

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