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Looks like Tool have made the switch this morning from their old Toolband site to the new Full Screen Direct service.  There seem to be a number of problems (a few usability issues, some 404’s invalid SSL certificates) but otherwise seems to work for the most part.  I haven’t had much of a chance to delve into the social aspect of the site, or the Toolarmy “bits” so will render final judgement for later.

A couple of interesting points:

  • The old Toolarmy now seems to be completely gone.  I would have preferred to see it archived personally. RIP Toolarmy!
  • 10,000 Days still isn’t mentioned in the releases section.  Decoy album confirmed?

Interested to hear your collective thoughts on the update?

ToolArmy updates announced

With the Tool Fall 2016 tour dates just announced, it seems as though ToolArmy is also getting an update of sorts.  For now, it seems that the Toolband/Army store has been updated to use the Full Screen Direct framework, with new members able to join for an annual fee of US$49.99.

This fee includes:

  • 1 Year Membership
  • 2 Stickers
  • 1 Patch
  • 1 Keychain
  • 1 Membership Certificate
  • Membership T-Shirt

From memory that’s more or less the same as the basic level of old ToolArmy membership.  The interesting addition is the annual fee.  It’s not clear to me if it’s $49.99 every year or if it’ll be a different amount.  For those who were TA members prior to June 6th 2016, it looks like your membership will be honoured.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never had a problem with an annual fee, provided the site gets updated.  $49.99 per year sounds pretty expensive though, and I’d certainly question if there were value for money there based on the mis-handling of Toolarmy over the years.

From a technical standpoint, the Full Screen Direct framework allows more than just a store – it’s a mini social network of sorts for fan club members.  I know many of us would welcome a return to the interactivity ToolArmy had in the past, though based on how fans react to things on Tool’s Facebook page, it could just end up being a shit storm!

I’m also disappointed that the pre-sales for the coming dates appear to be VIP only.  It’s great to have some of these reserved for TA members, but not all of us want to blow $500 just to see them, regardless of what the other parts of the experience can offer.  And for those who have already experienced the VIP sessions before, I doubt many of them are super keen to see it again (despite reports that it’s a great experience).

On a positive note, it is good to see some kind of movement on the website front for the band.  Though the album may still be some time off, I think many of us acknowledge that the website really should be updated prior to it’s release, and the framework being used can be a good asset for the band in helping to release special editions of the album to its fans.


Four more shows added to Tool USA Tour 2016

There have been four more Tool shows added to the 2016 USA tour. The New Orleans show which was leaked by Ticketmaster has now been confirmed, and shows in Houston, St Louis and Kansas City have also been added. VIP sessions for each of these shows will also be available to Toolarmy members:

Update: The Houston show will go on sale on Saturday the 5th of December.

Update 2: The Primus website is showing two shows in Florida. Thanks to fortysixand2 for the tip!

Here are some more TOOL SHOW dates, cities, and venues that will go ON-SALE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th. Please continue to check back for times and links and to see if any more shows are ADDED to this list.
– January 14: Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
– January 20: Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center
– January 22: St. Louis, MO @ Chaifetz Center
– January 31: New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center

Once again, as a salute to our distinguished COLLECTIVE, there will be a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of VIP EVENT TICKET SALES for the KANSAS CITY, ST. LOUIS and NEW ORLEANS shows EXCLUSIVELY available to TOOLARMY MEMBERS ON-SALE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3rd at 12:00 PM PST. So, be ready to reap the benefits of your MEMBERSHIP. However, please keep in mind that these VIP PACKS are LIMITED to 2 PER CUSTOMER, and that this will be STRICKLY ENFORCED! Anyone who doesn’t follow this RULE will have his or her ENTIRE ORDER CANCELLED and REFUNDED!

HOW TO PURCHASE VIPS: TOOLARMY MEMBERS need to LOG IN to the TA WEBSITE on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3rd at 12:00 PM PST and proceed to the SHOPPING BAZAAR and CLICK ON “TOOL SPECIALTY” and then SELECT THE PACKAGE. Remember the 2 PER CUSTOMER LIMIT RULE (that will be strictly enforced).

– One (1) VIP ticket for admission to concert show (to be distributed at the VIP event)
– Admission for one (1) to the VIP event in the venue
– Early entry into the venue
– Live Q+A session with Adam Jones*
– One (1) VIP merchandise pack (to be picked up at the VIP event)
– Tool’s tour merchandise available for early purchase and at a discount at the VIP event
– Photo opportunity
– Light refreshments
*Live Q+A session is subject to change with another band member or band members.

DISCLAIMER/RESTRICTION terms will be posted in the webstore, along with purchase details and other related information.

As noted, all of these shows go on sale this Friday, presumably via Ticketmaster. I expect they will sell out in a similar fashion to the others shows on tour.

Will there be any more dates? There’s a couple of gaps in the schedule that could lead to a show in Arizona, or somewhere else in Southwest USA, and also one prior to the New Orleans show where we could see something down in the South East – perhaps Florida? I have no leads on shows in either of these locations, however I probably wouldn’t count on their being more shows added for now.

Tool will be plaing at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on the 20th of January

Tool January Newsletter

Blair released the Tool January Newletter today, despite the fact it’s February.  It talks about, and includes a picture of a bug found in a readers Vicarious DVD, and includes a vision, which may or may not mean something.  Not sure what to make of it, but the reference to various Toolarmy Ranks and so on could have some meaning.  Change coming to the website soon perhaps?

There’s also a picture of Danny at the recent NBA All-Stars game.  Looks like he could only get a seat in the nosebleed section!

Volto! gig, Pigmy pictures, ‘Busy” band members

Blair posted several updates to Toolband/Army today.  The first lot where a bunch of pictures from the recent Pigmy Love Circus gig.  Some nice work there with several shots take by Danny‘s girlfriend RynneToolarmy members get a close up of Danny in action.

Also mentioned is that there is a Volto! gig coming up on Friday the 6th of March at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood.  Blair mentions it will be the last Volto! gig for a while:

as certain band members might be busy with other projects in the months ahead.

Read into that what you will…

Complete Set of Tool Vinyl for sale

Evildiscokid from Toolarmy has a complete set of sealed Tool and APC vinyl up for sale, and wants to avoid putting this up on Ebay.  If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in (not sure if he’s willing to split the collection at all) then let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with him.  Alternatively if you’re a Toolarmy member just PM him.

December Tool Newsletter

Blair released the December Newsletter on Toolband today, and surprisingly it’s somewhat on topic.  For those who can’t be bothered reading it:

  • Nothing happening on the Tool front at the moment, but song writing will probably commence once the holiday season is over (with presumably Maynard joining them after the Puscifer shows).  Also, no decision has been made as to whether or not they might tour in 2009.  Personally, I couldn’t see a tour happening until after an album release.
  • The Tool websites (including Danny‘s) will most likely get an overhaul in 09.  Personally, I’ve speculated that a Toolarmy overhaul could be the “big thing” mentioned.
  • At least one member of Tool will be on the new Isis record, which is being recorded by Joe Baressi.

Also up on Toolband is a pic of Adam and Danny hanging with Mike Patton at a basketball game.  More photo’s can be found on Toolarmy for members.

Signed Salival DVD’s on Sale Soon!

A Toolarmy Exclusive post today from Blair revealed that a hidden stash of Salival DVD‘s has been found in the Tool warehouse, and that 33 of these have been signed by the band recently and will be sold to Toolarmy members this Xmas.  These DVD’s (price unknown at the moment) will go on sale in the Toolarmy Bazaar sometime this Friday.

According to Blair’s description:

unlike the earlier ones, this time each DVD was individually SIGNED BY ALL FOUR BAND MEMBERS (with Adam also providing some original art ‘doodles’ on many of the cases).


“no”, this is not “the big thing.”

Apparently pictures, pricing and shipping details will be posted soon.

Signed Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay

My mate Lachrymotion from Toolarmy is reluctantly selling his copy of the Signed Lateralus on Ebay.  Current bidding puts it at US$89 but don’t be surprised if it goes for US$300+, especially considering it’s one that Adam has doodled on, rather than just a plain autograph.

Pigmy Love Circus return!

Mad_Sweeny616 from Toolarmy posts that the mighty Pigmy Love Circus (featuring Danny on drums) will be playing with Killing Joke at the House of Blues (LA I presume) on the 9th of October.  If you can, you should definitely go!

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