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Tool Tour Poster

A new Tool tour poster is now available in the Bazaar at Toolarmy (in the Stickers & More section).  It can be yours for $25.  Presumably non-Toolarmy members can buy them at Tool shows.

Tool Summer 2009 Tour Poster

On The Road Again…

As Tool hit the road for another tour, laden with festival dates, I’m sure there will be plenty of you who are interested in sharing your thoughts on the tour.  To help with the, the current Summer 2009 Tour page will transform over the weekend to become less of an ticket sales page, and more of a reviews mecca.

Anyone is welcome to submit a review for the show they’ve been to, and I will happily post it on this tour page.  There are a few rules though:

  • Keep the reviews legible.  I reserve the right to edit and/or outright reject reviews that include poor grammar.
  • No abuse.  Constructive critisism is welcome, abusive language and tone is not.
  • Please include photos if you’ve got them!

Please submit your reviews and photos to me at or use the Contact Form.  Thanking you all in advance!

Adam Queried at recent Fundraising Event

dustinspoly from Toolarmy also headed along to the recent Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, and he took the opportunity to as Adam a couple of questions we’re all dieing to know the answer to:

Why don’t they do H, 3rd Eye, Prison Sex or Hooker with a Penis live anymore?

AJ: Because Maynard picks the set list he feels comfortable with singing.

What music video they’re working on?

AJ: I am working on a new music video for Tool.  No more CGI it was a pain in the ass.

What was your favorite video out of all the Tool videos you created?

AJ: I like them all.

My favorite was Parabola

AJ: I love that one too it was a challenge to build the forest that Tricky was walking through.

What song is the new video going to be for?

AJ: I wish I could say but I am sworn to keep it on the hush until it’s done. But you will love it… I am doing some amazing special effect work on it.

Anything interesting he mention about the live shows?

AJ: A couple new visuals added for the mini tour…

Are the future projects Tool related or Adam solo projects?

AJ: We are in the finishing aspects of the writing process for the new album.

Will this be your last tour?

AJ: No way we love touring.

Thanks to Bellami for letting me know about the post on Toolarmy.

Tour Preview for Toolarmy Members

Blair posted a Toolarmy Exclusive today where he talks about visiting Tool while they rehearse in LA this week.  A short but interesting article, where Blair mentions he didn’t hear the new cover he expects to be played (he didn’t mention what it might be).  He also mentions that there was a bit of new material played, however he doesn’t expect any of this will be played at the shows.

Anyone want to have a guess at what the cover may be?  A Michael Jackson song perhaps?

Opeth almost supported Tool, may do so in the future

I read an interesting article on Blabbermouth today, in which Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth revealed that they almost became the support act for the summer Tool tour:

Other news, we’d been offered a support tour in the U.S. by TOOL but we didn’t get it this time, Hopefully in the future it might work out.

Given there have been a few complaints about Tweak Bird (not from me!), and I think there are quite a few Tool fans who dig Opeth, this would seem like potentially good news.

Tweakbird to support Tool

According to the Tool Hotline, two-piece rock band Tweak Bird will be supporting Tool on all the non-festival dates:

The Bird Brothers are extremely excited to announce this Independence Day that we will be touring the U.S. and parts of Canada supporting TOOL! We will be playing 13 shows over three weeks so check the tour page for all the show dates. We are sure this will be a most rad time, and when it’s all over we will pour all that professional experience into recording our first full length record. Happy Birthday America…start the van.

Kingston Tickets Still Available

Adam sent me an email today to let me know that tickets for Tool‘s Kingston gig in Canada are still available:

Tickets for Kingston show went on sale June 27 at 10:00am. Just checked venue site at 10:50pm June 30 , still GA available and I’m assuming killer seats. Let everyone know!! Not on sale through Ticketbastard!

For those of you still deciding when and where to see Tool, then this might be a good option.

Epicenter, Kingston gigs confirmed

Toolband/Army has confirmed that recently announced gigs at the Epicenter Festival Pomona and Kingston, Ontario. As outlined in previous posts, tickets are either already on sale or will be shortly.  Good luck!

Pomona Pre-Sale

According to toolman1414 from Toolarmy:

I joined the KROQ street team yesterday and not only do you get presale but the general admission tix are $10 cheaper. It starts tomorrow (10-24-09) at 10:00am for the radio presale. Password is: KROQEPICENTER

This is for the Epicenter Festival in Pomona, CA on August 22nd and tickets are via Ticketmaster. Good luck getting tickets to possibly Tool‘s only West Coast gig.

Update: Tickets may be available now via the Linkin Park pre-sale.  Use the password LPU8EPIC

Tool playing Kingston Ontario?

Reports from the K-Rock Centre website suggest that Tool are playing in Kingston, Ontario in Canada on the 4th of August. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am local time.  This gig is not confirmed on Toolband as I write this.

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