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This time from Kenneth’s collection:




Adam on the new album

Yet another interview with Adam today, this time with Crave Online.  As with the previous interviews, it largely focuses on the upcoming art gallery, however Adam does talk about the tour, the setlist, Maynards voice and the writing process for the new album:

CraveOnline: I know you’re on tour now, but can you tell us anything about the new Tool record?

Adam Jones: We’re writing, we’re writing. It’s going a little slow. We’re trying to get our feet wet, just basically the three of us. Maynard’s been busy with his wine and his other band. That’s usually how it is – we’ll write and write, and then he comes in last and starts putting stuff in. It works, it is what it is and it works. It’s good. I love it.

I can’t really tell you any direction we’re taking or anything like that at this point. It just feels like the same as every time we get into it. We just write for ourselves, and when we’re happy with it we say alright, let’s go into the studio. I really like the process with those guys because we don’t worry about what worked on the last record or what’s selling or the single. You just write. You rip your guts out and… yeah. I’m so happy where I’m at and what I do with those guys. It just feels so good right now to be out on tour.

CraveOnline: How do you keep it fresh on tour? How do you build on these songs you’ve been playing for so many years at this point?

Adam Jones: This tour has been great because we’re actually doing a different setlist than we’ve been doing in the past. We’re getting older, and Maynard has trouble sometimes singing the older songs, from back when he was young and screaming his fucking head off all the time. His vocal chords are getting older and he can’t really do what he used to do all in a row in a string of back to back shows. So we’ve changed up the set a little bit, which feels really good. Once we actually get together and start playing, it’s so great. It’s so great hanging out with the guys and playing the songs. It comes back to keeping it fresh.

Sometimes in the middle of a song we’ll start jamming, or go off on some tangent of a song and come back. That’s a great way to keep it fresh too. Also we keep adding to our show, we put a lot of money back into the show because we want it to be stimulating. We want all the senses to be on overdrive. More lights, more visuals, more lasers, more soundscapes. That’s what I would want in a show.

CraveOnline: Sounds like we shouldn’t hold our breath for a Tool acoustic tour anytime soon.

Adam Jones: Um…. I don’t think so. (laughs)

A good read!

Jello Biafra supporting Tool

According the Alternative Tentacles website Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine will be supporting Tool on their San Francisco and Sacramento dates later this month.   Check them out, they’re not bad, though personally I prefer Jello with the Melvins.  Perhaps we’ll see some more Dead Kennedy covers…

Thanks to Tooldude for the tip.

Tour Posters

Tour posters are flying at me thick and fast, both from readers and from NOMAD, the guys who print them.  Below is a selection of pics I’ve been sent so far!


Family Arena Missouri

Sprint Center Missouri 

Red Rocks!

Toyota Center Houston Texas

 Excel Center Minnesota

Click to embiggen!

Tool announce Rajas as support act

Blair has posted on Toolband that Rajas (featuring Mandala creator Vince DeFranco) will be supporting Tool for a range of dates from the 9th of July onwards:

I am very pleased to be able to announce a new WEBSITE and the debut self-titled album from RAJAS . Being the brainchild of guitarist BEN SHERAZI, the band also features PAUL JONES on bass, GINO BARBONI on percussion, and Mandala Drum and Dimension Beam inventor VINCE DeFRANCO on analog synths and the old ’69’ Fender Rhodes. As you are checking out the RAJAS website, be sure to click on the TOUR SECTION for info about their upcoming support for a certain prog-metal band (I guess it’s official after all!).

I took a quite listen and they sound alright.  The dates in question are:

  • 9th July in Vancouver
  • 10th July in Seattle
  • 15th in San Diego
  • 16th in Las Vegas
  • All the Los Angeles gigs

Not sure if it also includes those dates between the 10th and 15th. 

More Tickets Released at St Charles

TheNewMachine just emailed me to let me know there has been a release of further tickets for the previously sold out show at the Family Arena in St Charles.  Tickets are available in all areas including the floor.  Tickets are via Metrotix

I don’t expect these to be available for long, so get over there right now!

LA Ticketing Details

For those of you who have purchased tickets for the LA shows at the mis-advertised date, it seems as though tickets will be honoured.  Also those with tickets for the show on the 21st will have the opportunity to get similar tickets at the other two shows.

Presumably, unless you signed to Ticketmaster with a false email address, you should have details on how to do this by now, but if you don’t I’d suggest giving them a call!

Dälek Confirm Support Slots, New Orleans Bootleg

Dälek have confirmed that they are supporting Tool on the following shows:

  • June 29 @ Red Rocks CO
  • July 1 @ Excel Center
  • July 4 @ MTS Center Winnipeg
  • July 5 @ Brandt Center Regina
  • July 7 @ Rexall Place Edmonton

I’m presuming there may be a different support for the remaining dates.  We’ll find out eventually!

A bootleg of the New Orleans show has been found on Dimeadozen. I haven’t listened yet so I can’t vouch for it’s quality, but the torrent can be found here (you’ll need to register!).

Tool LA Dates confirmed

Toolband has confirmed the LA dates, listing only two of them: the 18th and 19th of July.  Tickets for these shows go on sale this Friday the 25th at 10am.  No word on what happens to tickets previously sold, my guess is that Ticketmaster will contact the fans who purchased them and let them know what will happen.  Also no mention of the date on the 21st.  Presumably this has either been cancelled or will be used as some kind of extra date to be announced after the other two sell out.  Who knows!

Also on Toolband was confirmation of the Limited Tool shirts, and it also looks as though there may be some Grey shits included as well as black ones.   Remember they don’t start selling them until the Cedar Park gig, and they won’t be on sale in normal stored (excluding ebay!).

Merchandise at Tool gigs

Got an email from Kanaduh today, with plenty of pictures of Tool merchandise.  If any wants a closer photo of a specific shirt then let me know (they’re all a little blurry though).  Here’s a photo of the merchandise stand:

photo (1)

The limited shirts mentioned by Blair on Toolband don’t go on sale until the Cedar Park gig.  In regards to pricing, Kanaduh mentioned the following:

all shirts $40
2xlarge size $45
Old poster $5
City specific poster $25
Signed $100

I also noticed a G-String in one of his pictures for the ladies or crossdressers or Fourtheye!

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