Melvins/Big Business Tour

The Melvins are on the road again later this year following the release of their new album Nude With Boots. As well as the two shows will Jello Biafra mentioned recently, the guys start an extensive tour of the US with Big Business, beginning on the 16th of July.

It’s a long list, and apparently not complete, so rather than typing it all out here, I’ll just give you a link to the Calendar page in Ipecac. According to the post I read, The Melvins will also be hitting Europe later this year. Hopefully Australia is also on the agenda this time.

Two Tool Projects

Blair from Toolband/Army took some time today to “clarify” an email he received questioning the April Newsletter – the one about the business meeting. Here’s his response:

That mentioned in the April (1) newsletter had NOTHING to do with the
all-Tool issue of “Revolver” Magazine, although at this time I am still
not able to disclose any further information about any decision made by
the band as to whether it’s a go or not. It’s my belief, however, that
if it is a go, this will most likely be leaked on the Net before I get
a chance to post it. Perhaps it already has been (I’m not really sure).
Also, with regards to my last ToolArmy exclusive, that involves an
entirely different project that is most definitely a go (Again, please
be patient).

The last ToolArmy exclusive, was Camella’s picture of the sunset, and the “good things are coming” line.

For me, this post would suggest that there is perhaps a good reason to expect some more tour dates. I can’t imagine some kind of recording would leak online before they would post news of it, and in the past tour dates have been leaked before they are officially confirmed.

The second project I’d speculate is some kind of change or update to Toolarmy, hence the Toolarmy exclusive. Maybe work is afoot to update the site. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

What do you guys reckon is going on?

Fuelling the Tour Rumour Fire…

While I’m still not convinced of these tour rumours, word has it that Tool are playing in Dayton in August.

Tool Tour Rumour

According to dirtyrockstar on Toolarmy, he heard them saying that Tool would be on tour soon on 97.1 (FM I presume) in Dallas. Apparently the station will be giving away tickets.

Not too sure about this to be honest. I’d like it to be true, but I don’t know that I’d expect Tool to tour again until after a new album had been released. Unless of course they’re recorded something in secret and will surprise us NIN style, but I kinda doubt that too.

Isis Tour Dates

Looks like Isis are embarking on a tour of Europe, including an opening date in Moscow:

Apr 13 – Ikra Club, Moscow
Apr 15 – Uebel & Gefaehrlich w/ Jakob, Hamburg
Apr 16 – Conne Island w/ Jakob, Leipzig
Apr 17 – Forum w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Bielefeld
Apr 18 – ROADBURN Fest w/ Celtic Frost, Electric Wizard, etc., Tilburg
Apr 19 – Grenslandhallen – POLSSLAG FESTIVAL, Hasselt
Apr 20 – Substage w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Karlsruhe
Apr 22 – Arena w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Vienna
Apr 23 – Feierwerk w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Munich
Apr 24 – Latte w/ The Austerity Program & Jakob, Brescia
Apr 25 – Mascotte w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Zurich
Apr 26 – L’Epicerie Moderne w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Lyon (Feyzin)
Apr 27 – L’Autre Canal w/ Jakob & The Austerity Program, Nancy

I also noticed this morning that some Australian The Mars Volta dates have been announced. Just as well I’m not a huge fan since they’ve skipped Adelaide…

Advance Warning

As some of you know, my wife has been pregnant for some time, about 9 months in fact!  After this period of gestation, she’s about ready to pop, and the due date just happens to be this coming Friday.  As a result, Fourtheye posts may be a little sporadic in the next couple of weeks, depending on how things go.  Since things are quiet, I doubt you’ll miss me, but I’m sure our comrades over at the Tool Hotline will be on the money should any big news arrive.

Speaking of news, a little birdy tells me that a prominent venue in one of the cities Tool had to postpone has been advised to prepare for a date in August.  This comes from a somewhat unknown source, so how valid this rumour is remains to be seen.  I’d consider it unlikely Tool will be playing any shows then, and personally I’d hope they’re busying themselves preparing for the next album.

Bonnaroo 2007 Videos

Pigmyl0vecircus from Toolarmy shared with us today a couple of clips from Tool‘s Bonnaroo show last year.  They’re great quality and well worth checking out.  If anyone has a full copy of this video then I’d be very interested in hearing from them….

Good News, Bad News

Well today I have good news and bad news for you all.  Lets start with the good.  According to a recent MTV interview with Maynard at the Grammys, he claims that Tool will “start writing the new Tool record right away”.  Nice to have a short turnaround for a change.  If this is the case the I’d say we can expect a new album in about 12 months time.

The bad news?  Well the article also claims that “with Tool’s touring schedule wide open for the foreseeable future, he said it’s time for the band to buckle down”.  I guess that means there are definitely no more plans to tour Australia or anywhere.

But if we get a new album without a 3 year wait, then I can live with that!

NZ Tour Rumours

Dan emailed me today that he read in a recent copy of the New Zealand music Magazine Rip It Up:

I was reading in the latest Rip It Up (NZ music mag) that reporter David Farrier happened to be on the same flight as Tool when he went to one of their shows in the States towards the end of the touring. He asked them the obvious question: “When will you come back to NZ?” The answer (from Adam) was “Spring, but don’t quote me on that.” So he quoted him and put it in a magazine. I imagine if they will play NZ again then they will play Oz too.

I guess the reporter didn’t pay too much attention to the “don’t quote me on that” part!

Obviously this is far from any kind of confirmation, but certainly gives some hope to seeing them again.  I presume Spring means our Autumn, so I guess we can expect to see dates for sometime in April or May, if at all.  As a general rule of thumb, concert dates for big bands have at least to months notice, so I’d rule out any chance of them being here in March or early April.  I’d say if anything, a May tour is most likely.

Anyone else catch this article, or hear anything else?

365 Days ago

I was basking in the Sydney sun at the Big Day Out preparing for the second of two Tool shows. It seems so long ago…

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