Adam posts severed arm

I normally don’t get too carried away posting everything that various members of Tool put on social media, but it’s been a slow day so I’m going to make an exception. A few hours ago Adam tweeted the photo blow, which would appear to be a severed arm. What is interesting to me is the “” plastered all over it. Image from the rumoured The Pot video perhaps?

Severed Arm

Post your thoughts below!

Adam Jones plays National Anthem at WWE event?

Dusty sent me an email a few moments ago pointing me to a recent Tweet from WWE suggesting:

Here’s Tool’s Adam Jones moments after he crushed the National Anthem at #SummerSlam

No doubt all you sport (and “not quite sport”) haters are considering suicide right now.  Don’t pull the trigger just yet – there will be a new Tool album eventually!

Anyone happen to see this on TV or live?

Update: here’s a bunch of other photo’s from the performance. Thanks Arizona Bay.

Update 2: Here’s a Youtube video without sound from BadKittyGothGirl

Owly Images

New Puscifer Track on Monday, Tool “Tweet”

According to quite a few sites out there, Man Overboard, the first track from the new Puscifer album Conditions of My Parole will be played on Monday morning.  According to

If you’re awake in time, tune your radio at 9 am eastern/6 am pacific to Sirius XM 36 (Alt Nation) to hear Man Overboard as well as an in-studio interview with Maynard James Keenan, Matt McJunkins and Jeff Friedl. Hopefully for those of us who sleep in the track will also be replayed later in the day.
Spin will post a streaming version of the song Monday morning. The single, Man Overboard, will be available via iTunes, and through other digital service providers on Tuesday, July 19.

After hearing the short preview, I’m looking forward to hearing the full track. 

In other news, there was a tweet on the Tool Twitter account, presumably by Maynard, which pointed to some Japanese Heavy Metal alleging that it’s in studio footage.  Think of that what you will…

Another Danny Carey “Documentary”, APC dates coming soon!

Update: It’s come to my attention that I’ve posted this already. It’s worth watching again anyway for good measure…

Aaron Harris tweeted today that he found a series of videos about Danny, recorded sometime around 1996/97. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet (work has banned Youtube!) but I hear it’s worth watching! Here’s part 1:

And Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Speaking of Twitter, Maynard tweeted a little while ago saying that there really are some A Perfect Circle tour dates coming soon. Only US and Canadian ones though, so Europeans and Australasians shouldn’t get too excited!

Brisbane Tool Review, Tool Twats, Sydney Posters

Andrew from The Vine emailed me today a nice review he did of the Tool show in Brisbane last night.  I won’t post any details here in order to avoid spoiling things for those trying to remain in the dark, but if you want more detail on the show last night then take a look at the review thread in our forum.

In other news Maynard appears to have convinced the holder of the @tool account on Twitter to hand it over to him, so stay tuned for some Tool related twats in the near future.

Speaking of Twitter, I’ve just noticed that Fourtheye’s twitter feed doesn’t seem to be including posts any more.  Looks like the plugin I use doesn’t work since Twitter updated their login system.  Stay tuned while I fix it, in the meantime I’ll probably just tweet things manually for a while!

Finally, the poster for the two Sydney Big Day Out shows has been posted up on Toolband.  For the lazy here it is:


Tool on Video Hits, A Perfect Circle on Kimmel

Stumbled across a tweet today from the Big Day Out feed, which mentioned the following:

VIDEO HITS are doing a 1/2 hour TOOL special this Sat night at 1.20am (technically 1.20am Sunday 31st Oct) – tune in!! #VideoHitsTV #Tool

Video Hits is an Australian music show, which mainly features Top 40 type music, so will be interesting to see what actually appears.  I guess it’ll just be their videos, but I’ll set up the recorder anyway.

A Perfect Circle made their first live appearance on many years on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight, playing Weak & Powerless for the show, and also Judith and Passive for the lucky members of the audience:

APC on Jimmy Kimmel’s show

Sounds pretty good to me.  What are your opinions of the performance?

Slight Blood Into Wine delay

Looks like there has been a slight delay to the Blood Into Wine DVD as Maynard hinted by Twitter earlier.  According to a recent post on Toolband:

The "SOUND INTO BLOOD INTO WINE" CD will be released on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th. This is a compilation of the tracks heard throughout the "Blood Into Wine" documentary, but also includes a few UNRELEASED MIXES. The DVD will be released on SEPTEMBER 14.

Luckily it isn’t a lengthy delay.  I will probably order mine soonish…

A Perfect Social Network

A Perfect Circle have claimed a whole load of social networking pages recently, so it would appear that at least something is happening there.  No word on what it will be at this stage, but my guess would be a couple of live shows.

For those interested, you can keep a track of them via the following avenues:

Don’t forget that Fourtheye is also on Twitter and Facebook

Quick Note Regarding Blood Into Wine Reviews

There are quite a few Blood Into Wine reviews coming onto the net, and I expect this to increase over the next week or so.  Rather than posting each review on Fourtheye, I’ve taken to linking them on the Fourtheye Twitter account.  I also use twitter for other bits and pieces I decide aren’t quite worthy of their own post, so if you are a twitter user, then make sure you follow that account.

New Puscifer Dates Soon

According to a recent tweet by Maynard:

We will soon be announcing East Coast and Mid West dates. Hope to get them on sale by mid to late Dec. Merry Holi-things.

I’ve heard plenty of good reviews in regards to the Puscifer gigs, so make sure you check them out when in your area. 

The bad news for Tool die-hards is that it appears that not much may be happening in that world.  With Danny on Holidays, and Maynard touring lots, Tool definitely seems to appear on the back burner.  Maybe Blair will give us some hope before Xmas.

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