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Danny & Maynard video double!

A couple of videos made it into my inbox in the last 24 hours, one featuring Danny, and the other Maynard.

The first one is a promotional video of sorts on the Mandala Drum channel on Youtube. It shows Danny playing his range of Mandala drums during a sound check prior to the 2012 Las Vegas gig:

The second is a short new piece from CBS news who talk with Maynard about his wine growing aspirations in Arizona:

Speaking of wine, don’t forget that three new wines from Arizona Stronghold are now available in Australia via the Wine Experience! Type “Arizona” into the Search form to see them.

Adam talks about the WWE performance

Adam posted on Facebook a little while ago a summary of his experiences at the WWE gig:

‎~Wow! What a blast.
Triple H and his wife Stephanie are big tool fans and asked me to open the show on live international television. Pretty FN crazy.
Vince McMahon ask for a demo so i emailed him one. How cool is that?
All the Wrestlers i met that night were so encouraging and supportive (thanx!).
John Cena joked "just dont pull a Christina Aguilera…"
And with that said, i apologize about the flub up in the first verse.
Some of the camera guys ran by me so close that i thought something was wrong.
Totally broke my concentration.
But to me the rest was a Home Run! The crowd was great. And i will now demand that at the end of any future solo i do
there are epic FIREWORKS.
~big xx to Terry

There’s also finally some decent coverage of the performance up on Metal Injection.

Sounds like he enjoyed it, and no doubt it would have been a fun event to play at.  While there appear to be plenty of readers who dislike the idea of Adam “lowering” himself to play such an event (no doubt these same haters would have no objection if he played at their event of choice) I personally don’t mind it.  If we put people up on pedestals then the only way they can fall is down…

Unseen Tool Documentary

Magnus posted in the Fourtheye forum a list of five Youtube videos from a previously unreleased (at least I haven’t seen it!) documentary with Danny Carey.  Danny talks about a range of topics from his influences, to gear and touring.  There’s also plenty of soundcheck footage included as well some cool live footage.  Here’s part 1:

Danny Carey Documentary

And here’s the rest:

Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1I1URFzUlM

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSoyNqSN4BY

Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsL9vWhNmmc

There’s also a similar video (but shorter) with Adam Jones: