Meshuggah: Extreme Metal Riff Lesson

I found a cool Meshuggah video this morning, where the Fredrik and Marten show off their guitars, talk about their songwriting and play some riffs. Great stuff if you’re into the band and guitar playing. Check it out at Metal Kult.

Maynard with the Suicide Girls

Here is a slightly different version of Maynard’s recent chat with the Suicide Girls:

A Perfect Circle rocks the House Of Cards

As some of you have already noticed, Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums features in the trailer for Season 3 of the Netflix show House of Cards. Executive Producer David Fincher directed A Perfect Circle‘s first video Judith, which may explain the connection to between the band and the TV show.

Turn on your television!

Adam posts new Hooker jam

Things are slow at the moment. Maybe even the calm before the storm. In order to help pass the time, Adam has posted a recent recording of him playing a new jam for Hooker with a Penis:

It’s not much, but it’s something right?

Junior and Breck discuss Tour 2014 Lighting and Video production

In a recent article on PLSN (Projection, Lights and Staging New) Tool crew members Breckinridge Haggerty (Video Designer & Director) and Mark “Junior” Jacobson (Lighting Designer & Director) discuss their jobs and the tweaks to the recent Tool tour set:

The band members have been fairly good about giving us a potential pool of songs for each tour leg. The songs we know will be there almost every night get the most cued-out attention; we are always adding and changing things as the tour progresses. Having several independently operated departments (lights, video, lasers, and motion) gives us some flexibility to add and subtract elements, but also requires communication…The different departments don’t communicate as much as we probably should, though we do get together on most of the overall objectives. There are checks and balances, I suppose. Many of the songs have a color set that I can be a bit stubborn about, especially the older ones, so Breck will tailor the video to try to match it. If he has clips that he feels strongly about, I will also try to meet him on that.

There’s also a great slideshow from Stephen Jennings:

Find more photos like this on ProLightingSpace

Adam posts 3D printing video

Adam posted an interesting video on Facebook today. It seems to show some form of 3D printing, and includes the caption “A hail stone storm ~ New Pre Production ~ thank you #Ultimaker3dPrinter“.

Not sure if this is in any way Tool related, but the video does seem to show the subject of the printing, and while it’s quite vague, it could well be the head of some type of figure. Perhaps Tool are looking at releasing some replica’s of character from their videos?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if and when they get around to announcing this “curveball”…

Adam shares a gift from the Loft

Adam has shared with us some footage of the band rehearsing Lateralus from the Loft. It doesn’t really need further explanation or analysis, so here it is!

Volto! Tocino!

Volto! have released a video today for the track Tocino from their album Incitare. Featuring Danny, Blair are presumably some other cameos, here it is:

Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition hits the printers

How excited are you for the upcoming 21st Anniversary edition of Opiate? Exited enough to watch it being printed? If the answer is yes then today is your lucky day! Post not to long ago on the Tool Facebook page.

No further details yet, but it looks as though the packaging is quite large – I expect similar to the size of the Salival package. Doesn’t look big enough to be vinyl though (unless my eyes deceive me). Hopefully we will get further details in the next week or so.

Edit: Since the forum won’t allow iFrames, here’s a link to the video 

Puscifer release Bohemian Rhapsody video

A video appeared overnight for the first track off the Donkey Punch The Night EP by Puscifer; their cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. For you viewing pleasure:

From the video’s description:

Directed by Mike King, Flea Circus Films & Puscifer. Starring Dina Martina, Laura Milligan, Carina Round, Dan Burns, MJ Keenan. Keep your therapists number handy. Cameo appearances by Carl Caliente, Sandee Worhol, Elton Joan Fennelly (No relation), and The Reverend Soquet.


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