Signed Lateralus been and gone!

Toolarmy has a post indicating that a limited quantity Signed Lateralus Vinyl was available earlier today.  Unfortunately for those of you reading this for the first time, they appear to be sold out.  No word on if any more of these will be made available at any point, though I’d suggest there wouldn’t be many more hidden away in the TA warehouse.

Puscifer Updates

Maynard posted a Puscifer Update on his Myspace site today.  Not much we don’t already know, but here’s the list:

  • Meats Meier is doing a Dozo video
  • A Queen B DVD is in production
  • There’s a Suicide Girls interview available
  • There will be interviews and/or reviews in the December issues of Spin and Rolling Stone
  • V is for Vagina will be available in vinyl, possibly as soon as 6 weeks.


I’ve been back up in Queensland this week, so things have been a little slow on updates for Fourtheye. Things should return to normal next week. Here’s a couple of items that have come across my desk:

For those that have missed the various comments, there is an interview of Maynard done by Patton Oswalt. Check it out here.

Ryan tells me that he’s selling his Signed Lateralus Vinyl on eBay. Bids started at $0 so it’s quite cheap at the moment. Don’t expect it to remain that way though!!  EDIT: Link has been changed to a relisted auction!

Finally, Blair has posted on Toolband/Army about the recently discovered Salival Vinyl. He assures us it is a bootleg and in now way officially sanctioned by the band. Buyers beware! He also mentions that there are no plans for 10,000 Days vinyl, but if and when he hears there there are, he will post it.

Salival Vinyl

Rare Records in Melboure have a copy of Salival on Vinyl for sale.  According to their website it is:

12 Inch Vinyl
EXTREMELY RARE!!! – Only 350 Made!!! – Double Clear Lime And Grey Marble Vinyl – Picture Sleeve – Comes In Vaccum Sealed Silver Pouch – Sticker On Front

I’ve never heard of Salival being pressed to vinyl at all, so suspect it may be some kind of bootleg.  Anyone else out there seen one of these before?  Anyone have a comment on whether or not this is an official release?

Thanks to Raymond for the tip.

Signed Ænima on Ebay

Tool712 from Toolarmy has posted his Danny Carey autographerd copy of Ænima on Ebay.  For the bargain price of US$500 it could be yours!

Aenima cover Signed Aenima

Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Mark emailed me today to let me know that he’s posted his Lateralus Signed Vinyl on Ebay. It looks to be in great condition, though it doesn’t feature a special signature by Adam like some lucky individuals managed to get. Bidding at the moment is at US$300 and seems to be shipping to the US only at this stage. Which is a shame, because given the strong Australian Dollar at the moment, it would be the idea time to pick up one of these……

Update: Just got an email back from Mark saying that he would ship to Australia, and that postage would be around $35-40 with insurance.  If you’re an Aussie and want to make a bid then I sugget you contact him via Ebay to confirm.

Signed Lateralus on Ebay

Looks like Tree from Toolarmy has his signed Lateralus vinyl up for sale on Ebay.  It’s on the UK site so is in pounds, and currently the bidding is at £250, that‘s around $586 Aussie dollars.

Back + Goodies

I’m back from rain-sodden Newcastle, only to wake up in rain-sodden Adelaide.  Seems like the rain follows me at the moment.

Any a couple of quick things for you today.  jhnygsh from Toolarmy has some autographed 13th Step vinyl for sale on Ebay at the moment.  Shipping only to the US, and bidding starts at US$250.  If you’re keen to get some signed vinyl that’s not Lateralus, then here’s your thing.

Signed 13th Step Vinyl

Finally, Moose tells me that a autographed and framed Lateralus poster is available on New Zealand’s Trademe.  It looks pretty cool, and is apparently 1 of only 10 signed during the Lateralus tour.  Danny obviously didn’t have his purple pen  for that session.

Tool Collection on Ebay

Vuduchild messaged me today and told me about this Tool collection up on Ebay. It seems to be pretty extensive and includes a Signed Lateralus Vinyl, Aenima Vinyl and much more. It is an Australia item and the starting bid is $2500 with a Buy it Now price of $4500. Instant collection I guess!

2 Pictures

I have two pictures for you mob to enjoy today. This first is a picture of Ryan‘s framed Signed Lateralus Vinyl. Ryan has devised some kind of clear frame so that it can be turned over when the mood suits. Nice one!

The other picture is from my Big Day Out collection. Knock yourselves out!

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