More Signed Vinyls on Ebay

A couple of Signed Lateralus Vinyls appeared on Ebay over the weekend.  One looks like I sold for a whopping US$850, the other is still on auction, currently 226 pounds.  What that equates to in real money who knows!  Anyway, if you’re in the market for a copy, and have the bank balance to cope with it, here’s the link.

Sorry if posts are a little slow the next few days, I’m in the Gold Coast for a work conference!

Live Photo’s, Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Tom sent me a few live photos today, taken by his friend Karolina.  Here’s one of my favorites.  Stay tuned for the rest.

 These photographs are copyright by Karolina Rokita & © 2006. Any redistribution of these photographs without the author’s permission is forbidden. You may download a copy for personal use only

Fred emailed me this morning saying that he’s selling his Signed Lateralus Vinyl via Ebay.  Apparently he need some money to buy a birthday present for his wife.  Just a message for Jo in case she’s reading – no I won’t be selling mine to get you a birthday present!  Those of you interested in make a bid can check it out here.

Tour Dates

Tour dates for the US and Canada are up. These are just the confirmed ones, and Blair mentions there should be more coming soon, as well as some other things that should make certain people happy. Vicarious DVDs? More signed Vinyl? Aussie Tour dates? Limited Edition Belt Buckles? We’ll find out soon I suppose….

Hopefully for me, Tool will announce that it will be in Florida on or about the 8th-10th of October, or maybe even back in LA or San Diego on the 22nd-25th. That would be swell.


Sony Australia Tool Competition

Australian Tool fans can enter a competition on the Sony site to win a copy of 10,000 Days, a 10,000 Days blockmount and a copy of the “rare” Lateralus Vinyl. Probably not as “rare” as my signed vinyl though….

Go here for details.  Thanks to Nemesis for the tip on that.


Just a couple of little bits and pieces from the web the last couple of days:

  • Some Signed Lateralus Vinyl is up on eBay at the moment.  Price is up to US$355 right at the moment….
  • Here’s a little interview with Maynard and Justin from the NZ Herald.  Speaks of rumours of a tour in November, but apart from that isn’t much different from the last 50 or so articles.  Thanks to xpandnz from Toolnavy for that.
  • I’m going to update the Signed Lateralus Gallery later today…….
  • Blair says that Kevin Willis and Camilla will be taking pics of Coachella, and other small shows and that they will be posted on Toolband/Army
  • 10,000 Days was available in Rockhampton Saturday morning, much to my surprise….
  • There are some reports of shortages around the place, but it seems more like some stores are running out, while others have plenty.  Luckily mine is in the mail!
  • Spiralysys tells me that he has a copy of the recent video interview with Danny and Maynard on MTV hosted on his site.

Signed Vinyl

Signed Vinyl is available on Toolarmy RIGHT NOW.  Better get there quick, only 50 copies……

Still available as I write this…..

2nd May, Lateralus Gallery Update

I meant to mention before, that Blair also confirmed that the 2nd of May is the official release date.   50 Days to go.

I’ve also updated the Signed Lateralus Vinyl Gallery.    Thanks to Ryan, The Betterfly and Stalkingbutler for their contributions.

I’m still looking for more, and I know that another batch has been sent out recently, so if you’ve got one, make sure you get me the pics.

Tool February 2006 Newsletter, more Lateralus vinyl

The Tool February 2006 Newsletter is now up for reading on Toolband/Army, and amazingly contains some more info about the new release.  Don’t get too excited though, there’s no track names or titles….

Looks like some more Lateralus Signed Vinyl may have been released on Valentines Day.  If you snapped one up, well done!

Justin shooting Adam


Looks like the vinyl has been and gone, some 10 hours+ after the time it was supposed too.  Needless to say many people are unhappy with that.  The reality is, that given a limited amount of vinyl (presumably 100 or so) and potentially 1000 people wanting it, there’s going to be a lot of dissappointment.

People also complain of the slowness when such a sale is put on the site.  This is our course caused by the above mentioned 1000 people after the vinyl, not to mention the other ‘spectators’ on the site at the time.  Realistically though, it’s probably not really fair to expect the TA admins to be able to cope with this extra load for a couple of one off events.  Being from a develoment and technical background I can say it’s not the simple thing people imagine to create the extra bandwidth/processing power required, not to mention bear the expense.

Hopefully some of you Fourth Eye readers mananged to get a copy, but I’m sure there’s some who didn’t.  Congratulations to those who did, and commiserations to those that missed out.  Maybe there will be another opportunity, though I expect this was probably the last chance.  Keep you’re eye’s on Ebay, and don’t forget to send me pictures to include on the Signed Vinyl Gallery.

Lateralus Vinyl frustrations?

Just a quick update, as of 10:38am my time, it doesn’t appear that the Lateralus Signed Vinyl was actually released.  No updates have been made on the site, and obviously lots of people are frustracted.

Just a few last minute tips though :

  1. They will appear in TA Specialty
  2. A couple of people have recommended you use Internet Explorer rather than Firefox.  Apparently it seems to deal with the longer loading times better, though personally, I wouldn’t have a clue.

Good luck everyone!

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