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A somewhat anonymous reader sent me a link to a Craigslist page which claims to be selling an bottle of Primer Paso Caduceus wine autographed by Maynard. According to the blurb:

I have a full bottle of Primer Paso Caduceus wine autographed red wine.
the bottle was purchased in chandler where maynard himself was signing
it. it is a $70 bottle of wine and will be accepting offers for it. i
can provide pictures of the bottle and you can look at it at the wines
web site. it is EXTEMELY RARE due to maynard only brought ten cases and
will not ever have any more in stock due to its a 2005 and autographed.
very cool bottle and hand painted. not a paper label like the others.
This is the more expensive bottle not the arizona stronghold. It Sold
out very quick. please email me if interested in purchasing the item
and with your offer. i will respond and ship immediatley if needed!
thanks and look forward in hearing from you. I wont even respond to
stupid offers so dont be dumb!

I’m usually pretty wary of Craigslist postings, so purchase at your own risk!

Not about rock dudes

According to a post by Maynard on the Asylum messageboard:

Please don’t bring previously purchased bottles to this signing.
It’s illegal to bring bottles in that were not purchased at Whole Foods.
You will be required to purchase a bottle there for signing.
and PLEASE don’t bring band related items.
This event is about the birth of Arizona Stronghold Vineyards.
Not about rock dudes.

Thanks to Khadgar346 for the tip.

Meet Maynard

Maynard is scheduled to appear at food markets in Chandler and Scottsdale, Arizona next week, signing bottles of his wine. According to this article:

We will be hosting Maynard Keenan (co-founder of TOOL) and his partner Eric Glomski, Winemaker for Page Spring Cellars. They will be signing bottles of their locally produced wines; Caduceus, Merkin, and Arizona Stronghold.

This event will showcase the local winemaking talent in Arizona and further highlights the range of local products available at Whole Foods Market.

If anyone gets a chance to go, make sure you ask him what Tool are up to.

February Tool Newsletter 2008

Blair has posted the February Newsletter on Toolband/Army, which rejects claims that the last newsletters had any codes in regards to a Live DVD, new tour dates or a Tool movie.  He doesn’t flat out deny any of this either.  It also explains that members of Tool are currently:

Watching basketball games, drinking (nay, producing) fine wine, playing Halo 3 with other members of the Halo Nation, eating McDonald’s at the Grammy awards (because the music industry is going down the destruction oubliette over downloading and can’t afford proper catering), adjusting the reflectosight in the sanctum sanctorum, having horizontal conversations with their significant others, exploring caves on their new property and, hopefully, watching out for any Black Hat-boojums masquerading as L.A.P.D. motorcycle officers on Ventura Boulevard



Tool on Holidays

In the last few days we’ve had some news on Toolband/Army showing us what Justin and Danny have been doing on their time off.  Justin and Shelee have been visiting famous gravestones in Seattle, while Danny and Rynne have been whale watching in Hawaii.  More photos can be found on Toolarmy.

No word on what Adam and Maynard are up to though.  Presumably Maynard is busying himself at his winery, and possibly doing some Puscifer stuff.  Maybe Adam is working on the The Pot video, or maybe finishing off his side project with Robert Fripp.

I guess the million dollar question is what will Tool do once they’ve finished taking a break?

Maynard on Left of Center

According to Beckett from Toolarmy, Maynard will be appearing on the Sirius radio station Left of Center next week:

MJK will be getting on the mic on his favorite radio station, Left of Center. Maynard will discuss everything from his wine vineyard to his thoughts on creativity and downloading to his new Puscifer album. He’ll also play and discuss every song from the new Puscifer record, V Is For Vagina, exclusively for Left of Center listeners. All from the comfort of his wine vineyard in Cornville, Arizona. Listen each hour throughout the entire week beginning at 10 am ET on Monday December 17th through Sunday, December 23rd.

Maynard on Spinner

Another interview with Maynard has popped up, this time on the Spinner website.  Once again Maynard opens up on a range of topics, resulting in another very worthwhile interview.  Here’s a snippet:

Has having done Caduceus helped you develop your business sense?

Tool and A Perfect Circle — both bands are very much aware, on many levels, what goes on with our business. We were much older than most people are when we got involved in it and we knew that with the difficult to navigate material that we were presenting we would have to survive on our own for quite a while before someone actually caught on. With that in mind, we had to really buckle down and gut it out to get to where we are now. And in ’96, ’97, when we already had two platinum records, I was still living on 500 bucks a month. People go, “No, no, you were a millionaire back then when I saw you on Lollapalooza ’97.” “No, dude. Credit card with a limit.”

Maynard on Suicide Girls

Badkittygothgirl from Toolarmy posted a like to a video interview done by Erin from the Suicide Girls where Maynard talks about the creative process behind Puscifer. Here’s the article:

“Enigmatic is a misnomer. Most likely a byproduct of my absence in the press. An assumption arrived at due to the lack of available information, accurate or otherwise. I don’t do that many interviews. General because of my private life and my classified activities, but mostly because I’m not very good at them. The conversation in my head never matches the conversation that ends up in print.” — Maynard James Keenan

Meet Maynard James Keenan — musician, winemaker, connoisseur, alchemist, undercover CIA operative, and (as most of you might know him) frontman for Tool, A Perfect Circle and, most recently, Puscifer. Keenan describes Puscifer as, “The space where my Id, Ego and Anima come together to exchange cookie recipes.” Puscifer is more than just a band; for Keenan it’s a multifaceted, multimedia, multi-artist, multi-personality project that takes shape in a variety of media such as film, music, digital video, clothing, feminine hygiene products, coffee, pet supplies, websites, blogs… you name it.

The week before Puscifer’s full-length debut V is for Vagina hit stores on October 30, Keenan invited SuicideGirls down to his winery in Arizona (Caduceus Cellars/Merkin Vineyards) to chat about music and where his interest in alchemy began. Oh yeah, and he told us to bring a video camera.

Check out the following SGTV exclusive, shot on Flip Video, as we step into Keenan’s world for an afternoon

Here’s the link:

2002 Grange

The 2002 Vintage of Penfold Winery’s Grange was release yesterday, and according to this article, Maynard is working on A$185,000 ($154,000) full vintage.  There’s not really anything else about Maynard or Tool in the article, but I’m sure is worth reading if you’re a wine buff.

Maynard on Suicide Girls

Maynard has been interviewed by Suicide Girls’ Daniel Epstein.  A pretty interesting read, and also reveals something about the recent Big Day Out tour that may explain some alleged sub-par performances:

DRE: How was touring with the Big Day Out festival in Australia?

MK: It was good. I got a chance to taste some wines down there as well, but I had the flu which sucked because I couldn’t taste anything.

DRE: So when you’re on tour you just hit all the wineries you can?

MK: Well, if you can time it right then it works out great. But it’s not always that easy. The schedule for touring is usually grueling. You can’t just take a week off in the middle of a tour to go taste wine.

Maynard also discusses his Vineward and Puscifer.  Thanks to Blabbermouth for the tip


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