Maynard in Aussie Rolling Stone, BDO Tickets Update

I was wandering through the newsagent yesterday and noticed that the Australian Edition of Rolling Stone magazine has a feature this month on bands touring Australia this summer.  There was a short interview with Maynard there which really isn’t worth purchasing the magazine for.

It really doesn’t cover anything we haven’t already read about in previous interviews.  It does mention that Maynard is hoping to visit the Magill Estate in Adelaide and some of Perth’s wineries while on tour.

Just a quick word about the Big Day Out tickets I recieved as part of the ballot.  Both of these tickets have been purchased by my friends here in Yeppoon, so sadly none of them will be available to Fourtheye Members.

BDO Timetable? Maynard in Wine Spectator, Merry ???

I found this post on the Big Day Out forums which shows the timetable for the New Zealand Big Day Out. As expected Tool are the last act to play, and have been allocated 90 minutes (9:00-10:30). Depending on how much time they decide to take in between songs, they should be able to fit in most of their current set. For those waiting at their keyboards to score some points, yes we are aware that Tool’s set on the Big Day Out won’t be as long or good as at their normal shows. Duh!

I was checking out the Caduceus journal today, and while reading about Maynard’s latest wine related antics, I saw that apparently Wine Spectator have asked him to write a guest Blog. Keep watching I guess….

Finally, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, Have a good [insert politically correct event here]. Enjoy!

Maynard interview with IGN

IGN has posted an interesting interview with Maynard. Maynard chats about Puscifer, Wine making and how he sucks at video games. No Tool news for you one-eyed fans out there. Check it out here.

…currently I’m working on several tracks. All with different sets of musicians and engineers. Lustmord will be involved. Tim Alexander has expressed interest. Possibly Brad Wilk, Tim C., and Jonny Polonsky may want to be involved on a track. Joe Barresi, Matt Mitchell. Danny Lohner. The list keeps expanding. No label. No hassles. Just me and a few artists at a time having fun. One off songs to be used where ever I choose.

I’m not a great fan of the current Puscifer stuff out there, but it will be interested to see where it goes.

Maynard Interview

The Tool Hotline posted this interview with Maynard on Vulture Droppings. He talks about Puscifer, horror films, wine, and nothing about Tool, probably why it’s more interesting than your standard crappy interview.

Penfolds Wine

It’s been well documented that Maynard is a lover of wine, and has a special place in his heart for the Australian drop Grange Hermitage.  Some of you may remember that Maynard paid $65,000 for a bottle of this stuff once.  Anyway, it seems that Penfolds, the winery in question has started a VIP club for wine affectionados.  To celebrate this Chief Winemaker Peter Gago will be embarking on a spoken word tour around Australia.

According to what I’m reading

For the first time, Gago will share excerpts from personal diaries of his worldwide adventures as Penfolds winemaker, from the many famous wine fans he meets such actor Leonardo DiCaprio, to sharing wine jokes with political dignitaries, and his friendship with Tool and A Perfect Circle (APC) lead singer and wine collector Maynard James Keenan.

For more details, check out this link.

APC Update?

Maynard has risen from his sickbed to post an update on the A Perfect Circle website.  Apparently Billy is working hard on his solo stuff, Maynard is working with Tool, on wine and doing Puscifer, and that 13th Step and eMotive lyrics should be up soon.  Is this post some kind of sign that APC are not dead?  Who knows.

Thanks to those stoned dudes at The Tool Hotline for the tip.


There have been plenty of you asking for a link to Maynard‘s Myspace site, and thanks to an update on the Tool Hotline, here it is.   Oh, and here’s some of what Maynard has to say:

My name is Maynard James Keenan. Welcome to Puscifer, my creative subconscious. Welcome to the party that goes on in my head 24 hours a day. Welcome to my island of misfit ideas who’ve found no home with TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE, or CADUCEUS. Here’s the skinny… I’m a Workaholic with a Napoleon Complex, a Wine Lover, a Musician, and all around Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist. So it should come as no surprise that all of these elements would continually try to seep out into some form of catch all “inside” project. And Puscifer is that project. The space where my Id, Ego, and Anima all come together to exchange cookie recipes. This is a space without any hard edges. It’s a space with no clear or discernable goals. Check your over inflated expectations at the door. Cuz this is simply a playground for the various voices in my head. Come play with us.

In other news, Blair has made a couple of updates worth checking out on Toolband/Army

  • Isis are playing at Emo’s in Austin, Texas on the 13th of September.  I’d probably expect one or more Tool members to be in attendance…
  • Tool may or may not be doing a ZZ Top cover in Texas.
  • Despite a flash on-tour menu, the guys still dig a bit of Pizza while on the road.
  • Blair doesn’t know what Farce is.  Just for the record it is a mixture of finely chopped and seasoned foods, usually containing egg white, meat or fish, etc., used as a stuffing or served alone.
  • Some guy has been potentially blessed/cursed by catching a drum skin at a recent Tool show.

Maynard’s Wine, Interview

A couple of articles just came across my desk thanks to Google.  The first one is an article which speaks about a Tool fans journey to get a bottle of Maynard‘s Nagual de la Naga.

The second is an interview with Maynard on Maximum Ink.  Maynard talks about Tool, and various views he has on life.

MAX INK: As a band, you go to such lengths to express a voice. Take the alternate track listing for “Lateralus,” for example. Is that something you hope to see people explore, that second layer of meaning in the songs?
MAYNARD: Are you familiar with the movie “Life of Brian”? I would hope that people wouldn’t be standing there holding a sandal, thinking it’s a sign. I would hope that they would just see us doing something, then go off on their own and do something. Be inspired by it. I love the idea of a kitchen full of cooks coming up with a new recipe because they were listening to the album and doing their own thing. They’re not worried about meeting us, or tripping on what we had for lunch or where we’re going on vacation, or what we meant here or there. They were just inspired by the music and made an incredible dish.

MTV Interview Justin

Here’s an interview on the MTV website, with and interview with Justin.  He comments on 10,000 Days reaching number 1, internet leaks, winemaking, touring and my favorite:

(Tool) are in talks to be featured in the forthcoming “Guitar Hero 2” video game

It also mentions that Tool are gearing up for an 8-week US tour in August/September.  All in one foul swoop, my plans of seeing Tool in Australia in August, and then in the US in October are (probably) dashed!

Very interesting reading, make sure you check it out!

I finally had a chance to check out the newly renovated I tried to check it out the other week after I’d heard it had changed, but for whatever reason it didn’t seem to load the Flash properly (damn Flash, my #1 annoyance on the web).

If you haven’t checked it out, and you have an interest in Maynard and his wine endeavours, then make sure you do. The site contains, amongst other things, a diary of the inaugural wine season, as well as some info on the current one. It was also interesting to read that Maynard did drop down to Adelaide after the recent promo tour to take part in the 2006 Grange pressing. There’s also a couple of pictures of him with some cute Wallabies, from Cleland Conservation Park maybe?

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