Weekly Update 4-June-2018

Been a couple of weeks since our last update. with the Tool world mostly quiet since the recent festival dates and clinics.  Here’s a few little bits & pieces you might find interesting though:

  • The making of Justin’s Warwick Bass
  • Stream Yob’s “Our Raw Heart”
  • A Perfect Circle continue across Europe
  • The Pieces Fit – Tool’s Cult of Meaning
  • Albums of the week: Baptists, TesseracT, Null Apostle, High Priestess, Wax Chattels

The making of Justin’s Warwick Bass

There’s a new video from Warwick, which gives some visual insight into how his custom bass was create.  No, it’s not a Wal.  No, Justin is not about to give up playing his Wal.

Stream Yob’s “Our Raw Heart”

Yob are a doom metal band quite popular with Tool and their fanbase, and later this week they have a new album out called Our Raw Heart.  It’s currently streaming on NPR, so check it out!

A Perfect Circle continue across Europe

A Perfect Circle are partway through the European leg of their Eat The Elephant tour.  There are still plenty more chances to see them until the end of this month.  I was lucky enough to catch a pro-shot show from the Rock Am Ring Festival, and the band sounds great (it’s out there for those interested, though not on Youtube).

Some of you who went for the box set of Eat the Elephant would have enjoyed the little hologram widget thing they released with it.  For those curious, a 2D version of this clip for TalkTalk is now on Youtube:

The Pieces Fit – Tool’s Cult of Meaning

Trevor Quirk from The Point has written an interesting essay on Tool entitled the Cult of Meaning.  Those of you interested in some deeper meanings behind Tool might be interested in taking a look

Albums of the week

Baptists are a hardcore punk band out of Vancouver, Canada.  They put out a great new album just a couple of weeks ago called Beacon of Faith:

Djent!  Metalcore! Out of place capital letters!  I can hear the groans now!  Despite that, TesseracT have headed doing a more progressive path of late, and it’s one I enjoy.  Their new album Sonder is a great listen.

One of the best and heaviest albums I’ve heard this year comes from a crew from New Zealand called Null Apostle.  Their album Bridge Burner has everything you need to scratch that death/grindcore itch…

I love a good doom/stoner album, and High Priestess have released one that’s as good any this year.  Killer riffs and grooves – this album is worth a listen

Second band from New Zealand this time around, this time on a slightly different noise scale to Null ApostleWax Chattels do a cool brand of post-punk, and their recent self titled album is one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!

Weekly Update 21-March-2018

I should probably call this something other than a “Weekly” update.  Anyway, I have a few bits and pieces I haven’t posted yet, so here we are!  In this “weeks’ issue:

  • Yob announce new album
  • Legend of the Seagullmen competition
  • Matthew Santoro’s Higher Power
  • Albums you should check out!

Yob announce new album

Yob have toured with Tool a few times now, and are a favorite among many Tool fans.  Singer/guitar player Mike Scheidt has had a few medical problems of late, so it’s good to hear he’s getting over them, and working on more Yob material.  Recently they announced the next album Our Raw Heart will be out in June.

We’re excited to announce that our eighth full-length album ‘Our Raw Heart’ will be released this June 8th on Relapse Records and that we will be touring the US this summer with Bell Witch.

We’re very excited to share this new music. We gave it everything we have. Going from an uncertain future in the beginning of 2017, to writing and then recording a new album at the end of it, it was quite a year. We’re very grateful. We’re looking forward to hitting the road again and celebrating decibels and good cheer with friends worldwide. Can’t wait!

Legend of the Seagullmen competition

There’s a competition over at one of my favourite sites Metal Sucks where you can create some art, and go into the running for some Seagullmen booty:

To celebrate the record’s sheer awesomeness, MetalSucks is teaming up with Legend of the Seagullmen for a fan art competition! The band wants to see YOUR fan art, in any digital medium. The five strongest five submissions will be shared on the band’s on social media accounts. Even more excitingly, one grand-prize winner will receive a one-of-a-kind Legend of the Seagullmen mega-bundle, which includes…

  • A special edition blue/white variant vinyl copy of Legend of the Seagullmen
  • A CD copy of Legend of the Seagullmen
  • Drum sticks signed by Danny Carey
  • A Seagull skull necklace
  • A t-shirt
  • A signed copy of the band’s exclusive New Years Eve concert poster

Matthew Santoro’s Higher Power

Matt Santoro is a good friend of Adam’s and has recently put out a trailer to his movie Higher Power.  It looks great!

Albums you should check out!

I’m always listening to new albums (and welcome recommendations).  Here’s a few that I’ve enjoyed over the last month or so:

Aussie readers: Don’t forget Yob this August!

Just in case you guys have forgotten, Tool touring buddies Yob are hitting our Australian shores this August for a range of shows in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The great news for me is that an Adelaide show was added to the tour, which wasn’t included in the original announcement. I’ll be there, and am really looking forward to it.

Dates for the tour are:

Perth – August 19 – Rosemount Hotel
Adelaide – August 20 – Enigma Bar
Melbourne – August 21 – Max Watt’s
Sydney – August 22 – Manning Bar
Brisbane – August 23 – Crowbar

Tickets on sale now through, Oztix and venue outlets.

Yob Australia Tour

Yob released their latest album Clearing the Path To Ascend last year, and it’s a great album that made it to my top 10 (and also yours). If you haven’t done so already, I suggest checking it out. Below is one of the tracks from the album – Marrow

Yob announce Australian tour

Eugene Doom metal band and recent Tool support act Yob have announced several dates for a tour Down Under:

Witness Yob on their first ever Australian tour on the following dates:

Perth – August 19 – Rosemount Hotel
Melbourne – August 21 – Max Watt’s
Sydney – August 22 – Manning Bar
Brisbane – August 23 – Crowbar

Tickets on sale now through, Oztix and venue outlets.

Sadly they won’t be hitting Adelaide, so I’ll miss the tour, but if it comes your way then make sure you check them out!

My Top 10 Albums of 2014

It’s taken me a while (mostly since I’ve been away) but after much procrastination I’ve finally come up with my Top 10 Albums for 2014. This year, I found I had trouble making a top 10, not because I hadn’t listened to much, but because I felt while there were many good albums, there weren’t that many that moved into the great “automatic top 10” selection category.

Still, in the time honored tradition of websites around the world, a top 10 must be created, so here we go. As usual, this is in no particular order…

The Austerity Program – Beyond Calculation

This is the first of the two math-rock type albums in my list, and this New York based two-piece have released a great beat heavy slab of rock, with some quite humorous lyrics if you’re into that kind of thing. It sounds somewhere between Big Black and Shellac.

Shellac – Dude Incredible

Speaking of Shellac, they finally released their latest album Dude Incredible. These guys take about as long as Tool to release put out records, though they have day jobs and therefore a better excuse. Like Tool, they also release what I consider to be consistently good albums and this one is no exception. It sounds exactly like you’d expect a Shellac album to, and despite petering out a little towards the end, is an easy inclusion for me in my top 10.

ACxDC – Antichrist Demoncore

There wasn’t much power-violence of grindcore in the readers top 10 sadly, but I’m here to address that balance by naming this great album in the top 10. High energy from beginning to end, with protest laden lyrics (if you can make them out). Just as a good grind album should be.

Lord Mantis – Death Mask

I know almost nothing about these guys. What I do know is that they put out a heavy as fuck metal album, which is definitely one of the best metal releases of 2014.

Yob – Clearing The Path To Ascend

Much hyped (here on Fourtheye anyway) doom metal act Yob released their latest Clearing The Path To Ascend this year, and for the most part they didn’t disappoint. The only criticisms I have of this album are inherent to the genre, but didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying this bands progression.

Philm – Fire From The Evening Sun

The debut album by this band (who feature Dave Lombardo on drums) made my list a couple of years ago, and their followup album in my opinion is just as good. For the most part, it’s more of the same – heavy rock though this time around with a few less of the atmospheric interludes of the first album. I can’t quite nail what I really like about this band, but I keep coming back to them regardless.

Mastodon – Once More ‘Round The Sun

Mastodon aren’t the same prog-metal band they were back in the day, and while many (myself included) lament this, I did think their latest was a fine album. It continues down the path laid by The Hunter, except the riffs a catchier, and the vocals easier to sing along with. Will their next album take them into Foo Fighters territory? Who knows, but I dug this one.

Opeth – Pale Communion

I’ve never been a fan of Opeth, I always found their style of prog-metal a little too cheesy for my liking. Funny then that they should release an album which many of their old fans dislike, but I think is actually pretty good. Sure, it’s largely unoriginal 70s sounding prog, but they seem to have done away with some of the wankery that put me off their early works.

Skinfather – None Will Mourn

Grimy fuzzy metal with a slightly old school death metal sound. Some fantastic riffs over the course of a unrelenting 30 minutes.

Update: It seems I forgot completely about the Lazer/Wulf album should actually be in my top 10. Sorry Killer Be Killed!

Lazer/Wulf – The Beast of Left and Right

Instrumental rock doesn’t usually do a whole lot for me, but these guys have released a ripper of an album this year. A concept album of sorts, it’s marketed as being somewhat palindromic. That’s not really the case, but the album is made up of a bunch of riffs played forwards, backwards and a range of other ways that clash together to make a great listen.

There were a bunch of other albums I considered for the top 10, but of course I couldn’t include them all. Ask me again in 10 months time, and there’s a decent chance I’d swap in one of the following into my list:

  • Royal Blood – Royal Blood
  • Killer Be Killed – Killer Be Killed
  • Code Orange – I Am King
  • The Contortionist – Language
  • John Zorn – The Last Judgement

Yob confirmed as support for three Tool shows

As expected, Portland Doom band Yob have confirmed themselves as support act for the Tool shows in Spokane, Eugene and Portland:

We are pleased to announce that YOB will be opening for Tool March 4th, 6th, and the 7th in Spokane, Portland, and Eugene respectively. We are honored and stoked!

3/4 Spokane – Spokane Arena
3/6 Portland – Moda Center (aka Rose Garden)
3/7 Eugene – Matthew Knight Arena

They’re a little less well known that Failure, so here’s a video taster:

Failure confirmed as support for Tool tour

Failure have been confirmed as one of the support acts for the coming Tool tour in the US according to their Facebook page:

We’ll be joining Tool on their upcoming tour (U.S. dates between March 9 in Reno and March 27 in Phoenix), marking the first time Failure & Tool have toured together since 1996. “Looking forward to hanging with my old mates, but more importantly, it’s a chance for people to hear two bands that still really care about the long form album format and what you can do that amount of time artistically, versus three-and-a-half minute singles.” – Ken Andrews.

This was also confirmed on the Tool Facebook page (but not Toolband yet):

Our good friends Failure will join us for the upcoming U.S. dates between Reno and and Phoenix. This marks the first time TOOL and Failure will tour together since 1996. MJK said: “I was already excited to play with Failure at my 50th birthday party in May, with Puscifer and A Perfect Circle. Now I get to do a few more shows with them. Best birthday ever.”

Yob are also rumoured to be supporting, presumably for the Spokane, Eugene and Portland shows. I have no idea who, if anyone, will be supporting Tool in Mexico City.

Stuff that happened while I was away

As usual, I go away for a few days and a bunch of interesting things happen. Here’s an overview of some largely non-Tool news that’s happened over the weekend:

Firstly Blair posted the latest Tool Newsletter, which features a great interview with Tool lighting dude Junior. He answers a range of questions regarding his work with Tool (and other bands) and even name drops Adelaide as one of his favourite places! Luckily for both Junior and the rest of us from Adelaide, he should be here in March with A Perfect Circle…

Speaking of A Perfect Circle, I reported the other day that they were likely to play on the South American Lollapalooza – that was confirmed over the weekend, and they’ll also be joined by Puscifer, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age and a bunch of other excellent bands.

In other news that excites me, Tool touring buddies Yob will be playing the Doomnations festival in Melbourne. Word is that it may be their only show, but personally I find that hard to believe, and I hope for more dates personally, preferably in Adelaide!

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