New Tool animation by Opiate director Dominic Hailstone

An interesting video popped up on Youtube today from Opiate video director Dominic Hailstone, which is a cool animation with a 10,000 Days era Tool logo placed over the top.  The Opiate video, which is yet to be released was previewed to Tool fans at recent VIP and Music Clinic sessions – who knows when we’ll actually get to see it!  Hopefully soon!

Thanks to ZigmaIwu on the Toolband Subreddit for the tip.

Puscifer have The Remedy

With all the current Tool tour hype happening at the moment, it’s easy to miss that Puscifer have released a video for Money Shot track The Remedy. Blow it up to full screen, crank up the speakers and take a look:

Puscifer release Money Shot video

Puscifer have released an official video for the title track of their next album Money Shot. I haven’t seen it yet, but it supposedly features a near naked Maynard, and presumably some Mexican wrestling as well. I take it “near naked” means he’s not wearing a shirt or something, so don’t go in expecting to see Maynard’s Dick.

Witness the majesty below:

So what’s the verdict on the Money Shot video? Good? Bad?

In case you’ve forgotten, Money Shot will be released on October 30th, and can be ordered from places like Amazon or the Puscifer Store. If you have any money left after forking out for $500 VIP sessions (now including rehearsals) then go and buy this album!

Maynard cooks up some new tunes

Maynard, Mat and Carina talk about Money Shot

This has been out for a few days now, so apologies for the delay in getting onto Fourtheye. In the video below Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell and Carina Round discuss Money Shot, Puscifer and all things related to this definitely not a side project.

WARNING: If you’re an easily offended Tool fan, I’d suggest not watching.

Go and pre-order Money Shot straight from the Puscifer website! Don’t waste your time with iTunes! You order copies on CD and Vinyl, and depending on how deep your pockets are, you can even get an autographed version.

Puscifer – Money Shot

Puscifer is back with a new album and a huge buzz! Money Shot is coming your way Oct. 30 and we couldn’t be more excited. Have you seen the video for the first song the band released for Grand Canyon? Money shot is the follow up to Conditions Of My Parole and marks Maynard Keenan and company’s third full length album and its first new album in four years. ‘It’s extremely satisfying to witness simple conversations and ideas transform into completed sonic landscapes,’ Keenan told Rolling Stone. ‘And to have these stories go above and beyond the initial ideas makes my grumpy heart swell three sizes.’ In addition, fans can look for Puscifer hitting the road in November for their first extended North American touring in support of the Money Shot album. Dates begin Nov. 1 at the Monster Mash Festival in Phoenix with shows booked into mid-December. For the upcoming shows, the live lineup will consist of Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell, Carina Round, Jeff Friedl, Masha Zargaran and Paul Barker. Luchafer will open all of the band’s late fall tour dates. As is the Modus Operandi of Puscifer, there will be a whole new show to accompany the Money Shot release. ‘We’ve been leaving a few clues here and there as to what it may entail,” says Keenan. ”As usual, we prefer to Show rather than Tell. Odds are if you’ve been a fan of the diverse nature of our performances in the past, you¹ll want to go ahead and place those bets.’

1. “Galileo” 5:17
2. “Agostina” 4:24
3. “Grand Canyon” 5:57
4. “Simultaneous” 6:42
5. “Money Shot” 2:32
6. “The Arsonist” 4:45
7. “The Remedy” 6:07
8. “Smoke And Mirrors” 5:05
9. “Flippant” (Itunes exclusive track) 6:24
10. “Life Of Brian (Apparently You Haven’t Seen)” 4:41
11. “Autumn”

Puscifer - Money Shot

Puscifer Live Review and Clips

Bellami from Toolarmy posted a brief review of the Puscifer show in Las Vegas last night:

Milla was HOT!!!

The show was composed of video taped comedy skits between Puscifer songs. Like an informal talk show, there was a couch and chairs in the center of the stage where the performers would chill when they weren’t performing. And of course, Maynard pouring his wine for everyone while the taped skits were on.

Mlla was HOT!!!

Opened up with a few taped skits ending with a live skit involving Maynard and a few comedians…then performed:

Sour Grapes
Rev 22:20 – solo by Juliette

… some more taped skits….

The Undertaker
Vagina Mine
Momma Sed

…a few more skits….

Polar Bear — new song – with Tim Alexander joining midway to play alongside Gil Sharone.
Trekka — with Maynard playing mandolin – only time he played an instrument
Indigo Children
The Mission — with Milla!!!
Queen Bee

Milla is Smokin’ HOT!!!

Maynard, Tim Alexander, Gil and Rani Sharone and Juliette performed the Puscifer tunes with Milla in for Mission. Gil Sharone was the main drummer with Tim Alexander joining up during certain parts of most of the songs.

DC and JC were in attendance. There were a lot of empty seats.

Milla is HOT!!!

A shame about all the empty seats.  I guess that’s one of the main problems when people try and scalp tickets for shows that aren’t as popular as expected.  Having said that, suck shit all those scalpers who lost money!

A couple of live clips (audio only) have also been posted on Youtube.  They’re not great quality, so be warned!

Puscifer’s Mission

According to a recent Puscifer mailout:

“The Mission” is a new song that Maynard, Milla Jovovich and Renholder recently put together. For now only a handful of radio stations have it and it is unavailable for purchase. Here are the list of stations to listen for the song:

91X (San Diego) – Listen to Maynard tomorrow morning at 7:15 am for a chance to win tickets! – 619-570-1919
KROQ (Los Angeles) – KROQ online request
KRXQ (Sacramento) – (916) 766-5000

KUPD (Phoenix) – 602-260-9800
KWOD (Sacramento) – 916.766.1065

KXTE (Las Vegas) – (702) 791-1075

Live 105 (San Francisco) – 415.478.LIVE

Sirius XM – Alt Nation – Request form & Octane- Request form

The mail also mentions that some further tickets will become available as part of a “Special Package”.  Presumably details of this will come out soon.  It also mentions that there will be different posters for sale each night.  Point that fucking finger up your ass!

For those having problems with the video posted yesterday, try looking at the Puscifer page on Youtube.

More Guitar Hero videos

Justin mailed me links to a couple of videos from the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour release. They feature two players in a drum-off to the Tool songs Parabola and Vicarious. Enjoy!

Puscifer News

Received today via the Puscifer Mailing List:

News from the world of Puscifer…

New music is in the works, Maynard talking about where the collective is in the process:

“We’re starting to pull together some new pieces. Josh Eustis,  Lustmord, our visiting Irish Bass Player, Tanya  and I are indulging in some new ideas, old ideas, recipes, bad jokes, and the occasional 2 on 2 ball game. Not much to report quite yet, but soon.”

A behind the scenes clip from the making of the DoZo video:

Two of the latest items added to the Puscifer store (to see more click here):

* Pimp Puppy squeaky toy

* Striped Puscifer/Buzzsaw L.A. Tote Bag/Shoulder Purse. embroidered with a big white Puffy Puscifer.

Lastly, a new newsletter format including answers to your questions coming next issue along with a Puscifer widget.  If you have questions for anyone involved in Puscifer send to

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Available releases from Puscifer:

*  DoZo DVD – The continuing saga of Queen B

*  12″ vinyl  2 LP set. Double gate fold art on which to sort your shake. Contains 2 unreleased tracks.

* Remixes from Paul Barker, Danny Lohner, Dave “Rave” Ogilvie, Josh Eustis, Lustmord, Mat Mitchell, Richard Devine, Joey Jordison, Michael Patterson, Contradicktator, Aaron Turner, and 8mm.

* Limited edition cd single. Includes a super secret bonus track.

* The original release includes “Queen B,” “DoZo” and “Momma Sed.”

* Queen B in the hizzy. This DVD single includes bonus items as well as launching the video story of the Queen herself.

Dozo “Making of” Video

A new Youtube video has been posted, and according to the blurb it is some “making of” footage of the Dozo video thrown together by Meats Meier. There’s nothing particularly exciting or new, just really a collection of animations from the video.

Puscifer “Dozo” Making of sorta.

Puscifer Email Update

A Puscifer email update went out overnight, and posts a message about the possibility of a Puscifer tour that we’re already familiar with:

As promised, we’ve been reading through the many emails that came in following our first newsletter and the top question was “Will Puscifer tour and when?”  Puscifer will tour SOMEDAY. However, our sense of the extravagant and our commitment to quality and a unique experience prevents us from just hopping in a van and regurgitating the cd. We’re hard at work formulating ideas that will include both music, performance, art and film.  Until we can adequately execute this complete interactive experience, it would be unfair for us to commit to any timeframe. But rest assured, as soon as WE know, YOU will know.

Should be interesting.  Unfortunately, I kinda expect that this tour would be a US only one.  If it ever happens of course.

The email also suggested that Puscifer questions may be directed to that address ( , and possibly answered in the future.

Edit: Actually, the most important part of the email was that Maynard will be on Mania TV tonight, starting at 6pm Eastern US time.  Here’s a preview.  Do you think Maynard only allows interviews with hot chicks?

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