So I heard the leak yesterday. And I’ve totally been blow out of the water by it. If you feel like you have been treading water, 10,000 Days is your dry land. If you feel like breathing has become cumbersome, 10,000 Days is your breath of fresh air. Well, maybe fresh air with a little nitrous oxide mixed in. The album takes you to another world. Ironically, many of the lyrics cover the issues confronting humans. But the picture the music paints is from a world much different than life on Earth.

Vicarious:  This is the most politically themed song on the album. The music is also very similar to something from Lateralus. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the perfect single to release first. The controversial lyrics and easily recognizable music makes it easy for Tool to crash back into the rock music scene. The guitar work on this track is exceptional. After hearing the entire album, this track is easily a favorite. “Part vampire, Part warrior”

Jambi:  This song kicks ass – right from the start. It doesn’t follow rules, and doesn’t look back. Adam gets his talk-box guitar solo in this song – something new and different for Tool. The vocals are really special on this track too. Because this track is prior to Wings Part 1 & 2, I am led to believe some of the lyrics from this track are telling the story of Maynard’s life. “Shine on forever, Shine down benevolent son.” It seems that those lines are from something supernatural speaking to him, and advising him to “shine down upon the broken…until the two become one”. Bottom line here is that this track rocks!

Wings Pt. 1 & 2:  These two songs really can’t be broken up. They are similar to Disposition/Reflection/Triad in that regard. After on 24 hours, many people are trying to break these songs up. Don’t do yourself a disservice. Keep them together. The entire piece of music is around 18 minutes long. It is the saddest 18 minutes I have ever heard on an album in my life. The song is about a son saying goodbye to his mother. It is that simple, but it is overflowing with emotion. If you hear this song, and do not feel like crying, you may not be a human. This song is the longest track (when combined), and brings a totally different vibe to the album. There is nothing else on the album quite like it.

The Pot:  Very different vocals from Maynard on this track. It almost doesn’t even sound like him at first listen. But once the track starts to play, you realize it is him and that you are in for a treat! This song has a lot of attitude. It is also full of laughable lyrics. It is highly likely that this will be the second single. It is also likely that this song will grab the attention of a lot of young Tool fans. “Who are you to wave your fatty fingers at me?!?!” There is a really great breakdown after the four minute mark of the song.

Lipan Conjuring:  Interesting, but not a track that will probably get a lot of spins. It adds something when the album is being listened to as a whole. However, the track has a hard time standing alone. I can’t tell whether it is serious, or a joke.

Lost Keys:  This is an intro track to Rosetta Stoned. I wouldn’t say it is as detrimental to Rosetta Stoned as Wings Pt. 1 is to Wings Pt. 2. The part at the end of this track where the doctor and nurse are talking does set up the next track. So it does make sense to hear this track before Rosetta Stoned. However, I have a hard time seeing myself listening to this track every time I want to hear Rosetta Stoned. When you pair this with Rosetta, it creates quite possibly the strangest song that Tool has ever composed. “Look son, you’re in a safe place. We want to help you… tell me everything.”

Rosetta Stoned:  “Alright then.” Whoa. Watch out for Rosetta Stoned!! This song is the nuttiest, scariest, trippiest, freakiest song I have ever heard. I imagine it will take weeks before there is an accurate transcribing of the lyrics. Having said all that, it is one of the better tracks on the album. It will take the listener several listens before digestion of this song is even remotely possible. The funniest thing about this song is that it is a guy that is jacked up on drugs who believes he was abducted by aliens. There is an awesome breakdown at the midpoint of this song. “God damn, shit the bed.” The drums and the bass really shine together at one point with a heavy tribal sound. “I can’t remember what he said.”

Intension:  This is a very sleepy track. It reminds me of Disposition from Lateralus in that it has only a few soft lyrics. It is mostly a musical piece – very soft, and subtle. There is back masking on this track. If you play it backwards, you hear the whispered words, “Work hard. Stay in school. Listen to your mother. Your father is right.” It is at the beginning of the track when you play it forward, so look for it at the end of the track when you play it backwards. I like this track more and more with each listen. It fits great after coming off of the nutty track Rosetta Stoned.

Right In Two:  This is definitely my favorite track after only a few listens to the entire album. I personally think this should be released as a single. The lyrics have a controversial twinge to them. The music is absolutely beautiful. The drum sounds in this song are really fascinating. They sound a bit similar to the songs Reflection and Pushit (from Salival). “Monkey killing monkey killing monkey, over pieces of the ground”. Once again, this track has an insane breakdown once you pass the midway point. “Fight over the clouds, over wind, over sky.” That seems to be a similar theme to this album. Most of the songs get really interesting after the midway point. So if you don’t like something at first, keep listening!!

Vigniti Tres:  This is a familiar type of song for Tool to put on an album. It makes no sense and it incredibly odd. I’m sure there is something hidden that will surface in time. I can’t see myself listening to this track in the future.