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BMB Ramblings

Blair has once again made a couple of posts on Toolband/army. A lot of fluff but a few interesting things.

Firstly Volto and Pigmy Love Circus should be playing in August, when Danny is less busy with his other band. Secondly the Pigmy’s seem to have a myspace site here.

Finally, and more importantly to us Tool fans, that he’ll reveal further information on “this ‘Teleincision’ business that I keep getting emails about.”.

Who know’s what’ll be revealed. My instincts tell me that he’ll deny that Teleincision is anything to do with Tool, and that after paragraphs of unrelated stories, possibly involving religious relics, there’s no further information on their new CD/DVD/Range of Designer Backpacks.

Feel free to prove me wrong Blair…..

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18 years ago

Looks like Teleincision was just a rumour… gah.

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