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Maynard Interview

According to this website, Maynard will be interviewed on Friday (presumabely the 10th of June) by Joe Escalante on Barely Legal Radio. Maynard will apparently be taking questions, so get on the phone on 1-877-900-1031 or email a question to

Personally I have no idea who this is, or what radio station we’re talking about (presumably some US University station), but it sounds good so check it out.

Tune into Indie 103.1 FM or listen to “Barely Legal” on the Web at www.1031.FM. While “Barely Legal” will follow a talk show format, Escalante will also be playing host to various guests in addition to playing some music. The June 10 show will feature a special guest.

[Friday’s] special in-studio guest will be the very rarely interviewed singer of Tool, Maynard Keenan,” Escalante said. “He will tame some questions as well. Call in at 1-877-900-1031 or email a question to If you are asking a question related to music, go ahead and attach an MP3 of your work and maybe I will play it on the air.

Thanks to Ben Long on AMT (and Google Alerts) for this snippet of info.

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