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About two years ago, I discovered RSS feeds. As simple method of streaming information and news from a correctly set up website.

Shortly after that I discovered a Blog, the Living Colour Blog, which outlined the news and events of the band Living Colour. It included an RSS feed, which I find makes life very easy to collect the kind of information I wanted about the band.

Today, as I searched for some information on my favorite band, Tool, I found that there was no such equivalent website/RSS feed. So here it is.

The goals of this Blog include not only collecting Tool news and events, but also the various side projects and other goings on involving the four members of Tool. This will include, but is not restricted to A Perfect Circle, Pigmy Love Circus, etc.

This site is not meant to override any of the other great Tool recources out there, this is simply to provide an RSS link to the information, as well as some possible commentry on the events.

Thanks for joining me on this ride, and feel free to comment at any time, as well as submitting any information that I and any other Tool friends may find useful.


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18 years ago

wow, i feel honored that someone would find inspiration to do the same with a band they love. keep up the great work!

Mass Deception
Mass Deception
14 years ago

Thank you!

14 years ago

I love the RSS feed. I’ve had the fourtheye on rss feed long before I ever joined. It sits right next to my TA “easy button”. Thank you Hellboy, for stepping up to the plate and hitting it outta the park!

14 years ago

Indeed this has turned into an inside the park grand slam!!!! Great Job and keep up the outstanding work!

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