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The Plot Thickens

This was reported on Toolarmy today, and this guy is not the only one claiming to have seen this?

So I was wandering around my local music/video/book store, Hastings today, and suddenly I had found myself step directly into the 5th deminsion. What I saw there was most bewildering. While walking by the music information desk, from the corner of my eye, under the “reserve your copy now” poster, it simply said “TOOL” (the logo), “August 23.” Whaa? I ask myself, just staring at this sign in amazement. I continued to go back to this sign to make sure I was not only imagining things, and it remained there. This does seem logical I tell myself, for a 2 months in advance announcement of the release would give it time to get out to everyone, and the 23rd is a Tuesday…but a part of me is weary of this. Why would they know this before anybody else? And, how did they “find” this out? Is it simply a mistake on their part? Have any of you seen a similar sign at your local record store? I guess we’ll see, but I will definitely be going back August 23, just to see…

Could it be true? I’m still a little skeptical, since I’d imagine we’d hear something official from Tool, probably via Toolarmy before it leaked out to some smalltown record store. Still it would be nice to get something from them in August.

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