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Danny’s schedule

Another post from Blair on Toolband, this time relating to Danny’s appearances in the coming weeks.

On Wednesday July 27th he’ll be appearing with Scott Kinsey (of Tribal Tech) and Steve Tavaglione (sax and EWI) at the La Ve Lee jazz club in Studio City (12514 Ventura Blvd. 818-980-8158). Sounds interesting.

He’ll also be playing with Pigmy Love Circus on the 6th of August, coming straight from the recording studio.

Last but not least Volto! will be playing La Ve Lee on the 18th of August and then The Baked Potato (3787 Caguenga Blvd, West, Studio City – 818-980-1615) on August 25th.

Presuming Tool are still recording in August as is suggested in this post, that would effectively mean we won’t be seeing the results of this session until maybe October at the earliest. Maybe we’ll get something else in the meantime…….

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