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Here’s just a few things I noticed during the surfing over the weekend:

HMV UK are taking pre-orders for a Tool release on the 19th of September. No indication on what it actually is. For those with a burning desire to pre-order a mystery Tool product go here.

Someone on the newsgroup posted this link to some photo’s of Maynard and Adam from a concert in Germany. Some very clear photo’s and its interesting to see them in the sunlight for a change.

Finally alleged photo’s of the Lateralus vinyl seem to be appearing about the place. I’m not entirely convinced these are legit, since there seems to be some speculation that it’s in fact a bootleg made and sold a while back. Here’s the pics anyway:

Edit: The link to the photo’s has been corrected, thanks to Maurio and TexasFire for pointing that out.

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18 years ago

I like your site man… toolband doesn’t keep enough post for my needs sometimes, but what can be enough? I mean, it’s Tool. Keep it up… I wasn’t able to see the pictures from your link, though. Could you see if there was an error; I’d like to check them out…

18 years ago

the link was written uncorrectly… actually this is the right one 😉


18 years ago

Agree with texasfire, great site, i’m always hungry for information. Toolshed just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

Notice the price of the Tool item on HMV, it’s only 10 quid. Even copies of older CD’s are 12 quid or more.

18 years ago

“thanks to Maurio”

You are welcome man 😉

You do a really great job with this site! You are between the links on my tool italian site 😀


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