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Myspace Sucks

Myspace sucks, and unfortunately I don’t have the know how to post a link to this, but Mike from Pigmy Love Circus has said on his Myspace site:

Tool is recording soon and when they finish we start on our opus and then tweak it out while Tool is on tour this year.

So could Tool be touring by the end of the year? Sounds good to me, even though the chances of them coming to Australia this year are pretty unlikely. Probably about as likely as me travelling to the US to see them.

In other news, my Toolarmy Extension is coming along nicely. It functions pretty well allowing easy navigation around the site, and all I have to do to is is to add the ability to add and edit bookmarks. Hopefully I’ll be able to release something later on this week, but being a Javascript novice, it may take a little longer.

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