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Slow News Week

Not much new stuff to post about at the moment, so I’ve done some digging and come up with 3 interesting things:

1. Hidden away in Blair‘s profile on Toolarmy are some posts talking about having a meeting with Tool in the next week, and working on having a new Web-Chat, as well as updating Toolarmy. As usual I’m not getting my hopes up about a Toolarmy update just yet, since this has been mentioned on and off for at least the last year.

2. After trawling through some posts in the Toolnavy site, there’s much speculation regarding the producer for the new CD. Apparently it won’t be David Bottrill due to his commitments with some lame nu-metal acts, but may be Joe Barresi, producer of many bands including Tomahawk and it’s been quoted in the EQ Magazine (never heard of it!) that “Melvins guitarist Buzz Osborne liked Barresi’s unorthodox approach to recording so much that he recommended Barresi for Tool’s new record”. Personally I reckon Tool will produce the new CD themselves but we’ll know soon enough.

3. I’ve decided to start working on a Firefox Extension to allow navigation on Toolarmy to be a little easier. It should allow you to bookmark Boards and Members, and will hopefully make life easier for those who desparately cling to the old boards located right down the bottom. Should have a working version out in the next week so keep your eyes peeled.

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