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Haiku’s and Pictures

For Haiku fans out there, you may want to check out Maynard’s website, which has been updated with a peom for all his friends. Uh yeah…..

Those interested in the Tool recording progress should continue to check Adam’s Blog, as there have been more pictures added in the last couple of days, and it looks as though it may become a regular occurance. It looks like King Buzzo and Josh Homme have paid a visit.

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18 years ago

Here are the original snapshot dates of those pictures on his myspace site, taken from the EXIF info of each picture. These are the times the camera took the pictures, unless otherwise noted. They sort of line up around the dates they were posted as well as the “in the studio day #” that he titled them with. Anything that is off is probably just human error on his part. I have put in parentheses what Studio day # he listed each as. File: – joostin_web.jpg DateTimeOriginal – 2005:08:11 18:40:48 (Day 5) File: – jimbbq.jpg DateTimeOriginal – 2005:08:11 18:41:47 (Day… Read more »

18 years ago

Got my Lateralus vinyl yesterday (18th) and I live in Brisbane. Good shit, have to get this one framed.

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