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Joshua Davis Updates

Found this on Toolarmy this morning, apparently an update (source unknown) from Joshua Davis regarding the new CD, Website, and other stuff.

Joshua Davis (Grandmaster Flash) Spark 05 Hamilton

On Tool:

Recording began recently – as in August (dates and pics from Adam’s myspace are accurate).

No suggestion of a possible release date for the album or new website(s).

The website will be updated when finances are made available to direct into the project – money is currently tied up with recording.

The band funds promotions/videos etc. for itself only using the ‘label’ for distribution of the album/cd.

Touring revenue accounts for the majority of the bands income – very little is made from album sales.

T-shirt/Poster/Album art may come from some of Joshua’s flash animations.

More footage was shot during rehearsal of the new material and may appear in some form later. He is unable to make it available until the album is out (for obvious reasons).

Each rehearsal (approx. 1p – 4p daily) would begin with playing a few old songs (see Lateralus clip) and then move into the new stuff.

Hope this is helpful to someone and i haven’t made too many errors.

There have also been a couple of other posts from Blair on Toolband in the last week, none regarding the signed vinyl, but one saying that Volto! will be playing later this week (possibly even tonight). If you’re somewhere in LA and you go and see it, let me know what it was like!

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