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Lateralus Vinyl Sold Out!

It looks like the Lateralus Vinyl has either sold out or been removed from the Tool site. I can assure you all it did appear for a few hours last night, and was still available when I went to bed (about 10:30 Australian EST). It seems to be gone this morning, so if you didn’t get one, I’d imagine you’ve missed out. Just have to wait until it arrives in the stores I guess. Hopefully the release gets distributed outside of the United States so that the many international Tool fans who missed out last night can enjoy it.

Blair has posted on the site that the Autographed Copies are NOT yet available, but will be made available to Toolarmy Members in the near future.

He also mentioned stuff about John Ziegler, Volto and possible guest musicians coming up in August. Does anyone in LA go to this stuff?

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18 years ago

….got mine ordered, I plan on now and hopefully getting the signed one as well, that means i’ll frame the signed one and play the other or store it as a keep-sake for the future…

18 years ago

It is still out there in cyberspace…. (if anyone needs to see the picture) but try as you can, you can’t order it… (goto comments, read one, and then you can try to checkout… but it knows better)…

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