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Vinyl, Aloke and Daily Grail Updates

Anohter update on Toolband and Toolarmy indicates that:

  • The Autographed Lateralus Vinyl is on it’s way to the printers. Now I’m not an expert on the vinyl printing industry, but I’d suggest that it’d be several weeks before this becomes available. ‘There will be plenty of advance warning’ Blair says (sort of).
  • Aloke Dutta is playing in Norman, Oklahoma on the 19th of August and in Dallas, Texas on the 20th. Put on your 10 gallon hat’s and party with the tabla master.
  • Daily Grail has some Google Earth coordinates for numerous places including Area 51 and Pine Gap. It even looks like Greg from the Daily Grail is an Aussie. Good onya mate! unfortunately no coordinates of Tool members houses. If you have any let me know!
  • For all you Google Earth (or NASA World Wind) fans out there, try and find me in Yeppoon, Queensland!
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