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Big Day Out?

Toolshed has mentioned that Tool will be confirmed as the headline act for the 2006 Big Day Out festival down here in Australia. Personally I’d be a little surprised, but I guess you never know.

If I remember correctly I can remember it being said that Tool have rejected the Big Day Out in the past due to inflexibility in the stage settings and set list length. I’d presume that no changes will be made in the Big Day Out, so based on this assumption I’d image Tool won’t have changed their mind.

As for touring Australia before the rest of the world, and potentially before the release of the new CD, well that seems a little unlikely to me as well.

I certainly wouldn’t object to seeing them though, but I’d rather see them doing their own show, rather than being restricted to a 1 hour set at the Big Day Out.

The lads from Peach/Suns of the Tundra have also mentioned that there’s a Tool live release just around the corner. Thanks again to Toolshed for the tip.

Also Toolarmy members make sure you log in and check out the new recording photo.

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