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From John Ziegler

John Ziegler from Pigmy Love Circus has written the following regarding the new Tool CD, presumably on his Myspace site, though I haven’t had time to check that. Thanks to Bastardometer on Toolarmy for the heads up.

the tools have put in a good year and a half working on the songs for this one.
mjk even has words and melodies for the tunes already!
and to be honest, i’ve heard all the demos for the cuts that are going on the album…
i was even asked to critque em a few times…haha(danny is nuts)!
and i can safely say this….
with a few epic 15 minute plus tunes in the program…
IMO… think “meddle” meets “master of reality” meets “discipline” meets “undertow”.
on top of that, with joe barresi engineering….it’s gonna be KILLER!
prog rock is gonna be crunchin’ and slithering towards the masses once again in a few months!


thanx and cheers,
john Z

Sounds good to me….

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