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Puscifier, Butcher, Vinyl

Ultimate Guitar note that Puscifier appear on the Saw 2 soundtrack, specifically Danny Lohner’s REV 4:20 Mix of “REV 22:20”. For those that don’t know, Puscifier is a band featuring Maynard and Danny Lohner, and if memory serves me correctly, have appeared on other soundtracks in the past (Underworld maybe?). Also on the soundtrack and many nu-metal bands, but also Revolting Cocks.

I also forgot the mention that Butcher played the other day. Ah well, I hope you made it to see them, I guess the odds of them ever appearing in Australia are pretty low 🙁

Blair mentioned yesterday that some more copies of the Lateralus Vinyl is available, both on Toolband and also via Lobal Orning. Note that these are still unautographed copies.

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