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The Axl Rose Story

Some time after the August Newsletter, the part regarding Blairs alleged Xmas with Axl Rose was removed. Who knows why, but in case you’re interested in reading it again, here it is:

This was about the time I spent Christmas with Axl Rose. I shit you not. This was a few years ago, I having been invited to the singer’s Malibu home by my friend Chris Pitman (who, at the time, was in Guns N’ Roses – hell, he might still be!). This was no major gathering (to say the least). As I recall there was only Axl, his brother, a female personal assistant, Chris and myself. But I remember that when I arrived, Axl was in the kitchen, peering into the refrigerator, looking for the ingredients to make a crude secret sauce, the color of which reminded me of the gooey stuff slathered on Dog N’ Suds burgers (an all but forgotten Midwest chain of drive-ins with carhops).

This prompted a discussion of gut rumbles from the past, and, in that Axl grew up in the Midwest (from some paradise city in Indiana, I think), he was quite familiar with those rather unremarkable Dog N’ Suds charbroiled burgers all dressed up with their secret sauce (yep, just like those in Fast Times at Ridgemont High). In fact, on this starry Christmas evening, it seemed as if he was maybe even attempting to duplicate the Dog N’ Suds secret. In case you’re wondering, the rest of the evening was fairly
uneventful, no wild drinking, drugs or riots. A traditional X-mas dinner with all the trimmings (traditional save for the fact that the turkey had TWO hearts, a little detail that I wouldn’t be able to share with you had Axl’s people convinced me to sign a confidentiality agreement) was served well after midnight, and then around 3:00 AM (if memory serves me right) lots of presents under the tinsel-festooned tree were opened (many of them being of a robotic nature). There was even a couple under there with my name on them, meaning that Axl had a pretty good personal assistant!

No other particularly exiting Tool news lately, though some fans have speculated that this Axl story is simply a clue laden work of fiction regarding the new CD. Rumours include a Xmas Day release, a Double CD as well as Robot Inspired art work.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see……

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18 years ago

I love your blog. I read it every morning.

Please leave your insufferable comments belowx