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Toolband Update Preview

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Joshua Davis, the man behind the splash screen on Toolband, is busy redesigning the Toolband site. At the recent Semi Permanent conference, he apparently showed off the work in progress. No pictures at the moment but Muloc of describes it as:

well, i was at semi permanent, and josh davis was doing showing an example of some flash design and we all saw the new tool layout, its all floaty and its brown and looks sort of post apocalyptic… if youve ever played the original fallout, its kind of got that feel to it.. the navigation panelling is all down the bottom right hand side… its awesome, cutting edge, it will put all other band sites in the cess pool.. there ought to be photos… lots of cameras going off.. josh is a good guy too, you cannot see skin on his arms! haha

Have Tool gone Post-Apocalyptic on us? Does this in some way reflect the new artwork on the upcoming CD (or DVD I guess). Hopefully it won’t take long to see the results of this work.

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