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Volto, Tool Spam, Torrents, Girl Shorts!

A few updates on Toolband/Army.

Firstly, Volto are playing at the La Ve Lee Club in LA on the 15th of September, and then at the Knitting Factory in LA on the 28th of September. Tickets see out in advance apparently so make sure you make arrangements, rather than just rocking up at the door. Don’t forget to ask Danny about the new CD, and see which cryptical answer he can come up with this time.

Toolband also reports that the Estrofest is on today! The 14th of September starting at 8:00pm at Cinespace on Hollywood Boulevard. Spiral Eyes will be featured, amongst others. Plenty of women will be wearing shorts apparently (well maybe not). Who likes short shorts?

ToolArmy today informed us that they will never send emails with attachments to members. My advice is if you’re silly enough to open unextected and strange attachments, then by all means do so. You’re probably better off not having a computer that works. If you are that stupid, please invest in some sort of Anti-Virus software. There are free ones you know….

Last but not least, Torrent users may want to check out a site called which has a shitload of bootleg live shows, many from usually hard to get artists. One of them is a nice DVD bootleg for the recent Tool show in San Diego. Pretty good quality, though pretty big at around 4 Gig. Broadband users should check it out!

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