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Blair Writes!

Blair finally got around to dispelling a few myths and rumours about the place last night on Toolband/Army. It would appear that:

  • There definitely will be more Signed Vinyl, no clues on when though, or how many, but you’d have to think it would happen sometime in the next few weeks.
  • There is a new Gold Edition Coleman available from the Coleman Website. Limited edition so get your hands on one now. If only I hadn’t thrown my money at the Signed Vinyl…..
  • The chat wasn’t a hoax, and that photographic evidence will be photoshopped and presented in the next newsletter.
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18 years ago

I don’t understand the Coleman thing : can you explain please ?

18 years ago

The Silver Coleman is a Esky (for us Aussies) which Blair uses to cool things, usually Beer. It’s regularly mentioned in his emails on Toolband . The reference to the Gold one mention in this Blog post, is take from a recent post Blair made, in which he compared the dilemma of getting the signed vinyl to that of getting the limited edition Gold Coleman.

18 years ago

Ok, thanks.

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