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Chat Transcripts

The TA chat transcripts seem to be up. In case you don’t feel like wallowing through them, I’ve assembled a bit of a list of highlights.

New Tool CD
*Both Adam and Maynard say Joe Baressi has been great to work with, better than David Bottril.
*There will be lots of Gamalon? samples on the CD
*The longest song recorded so far is 17 minutes long.
*Sccot Reeder saws the new CD will be raw like Undertow.
*Danny hopes they can release the new CD in Surround Sound.
*Isis haven’t contributed to the new CD.
*The colour of the new CD will be clear?
*Adam’s currently working on the artwork for the CD.
*Adam did work on the Far Cry soundtrack.
*It will be a single CD

*They will be touring in 2006, including NZ, no plans have been made yet which essentially rules out Tool playing the Big Day Out.
*Maybe with Isis, but really with whoever they like.
*Tool hope to tour Mexico.

*Danny’s drum DVD is still in the works.
*Danny wants to do more drum clinics.
*Danny hopes to do some shows with Adrian Belew and Les Claypool in the Fall (US)

*Isis are hoping they can tour with Tool.
*Isis have a DVD their working on, and they’ve written a few new songs.
*Kyuss is dead.
*Isis plan on coming back to Australia.

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18 years ago

Maynard says the album will be out early next year

18 years ago

Jan. 3rd or 10th, 2006… roughly, in North America.

18 years ago

We’ll see…..

18 years ago

I have a feeling there might be an announcement Halloween maybe, but who knows. I had a dream I was swimming with the guys from Tool in a lake in Western Australia. I heard part of a song and it was awesome, really heavy, but when I asked if it was there song they started being really vague. Then I flew back home.

18 years ago

Maybe Halloween might be the launch of the new site?

18 years ago

I think something will happen at Halloween (Samhain). I initially thought it would be a newsletter, with some useful information for a change. I guess it might be something else, or even more likely, nothing at all!

18 years ago

Anyone know where the full transcript of the chat is posted?

18 years ago

Well it’s on Toolarmy, no idea if anyones posted it elsewhere, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Try Google!

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