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Halloween Newsletter

It’s up now. It doesn’t contain much new Tool information to the untrained eye (ie. mine). It does dispell a few myths regarding the recent TA Chat.

For those of you who complain that Blair’s newsletters never contain any useful information, then you won’t be swayed by this latest one at all. Personally I like them, so Blair, just in case you’re reading, keep up the good work.

And Danny, if you’re reading, you look really goofy in those overalls. Was the party a dress up or something? What were you listening to on the iPod by the way?

It also mentions that Chet Zar has a new show coming up at the Copronason Gallery in November. If you’re in LA, then I’d recommend you check it out!

Finally, the newsletter mentions that “Halloween Barbie says hopefully there will be something in the pumpkin patch soon” Stay tuned I suppose!

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