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Jelvins, Melvins, Tomahawk and TMOC

Some non-Tool news for a change.

There’s a relatively interesting, if a little short interview with Jello Biafra here, where he talks about his involvement with the Melvins. It boes on to mention that Adam Jones plays on half of the tracks on the new CD Sieg Howdy! are reporting that the Melvins are releasing a ‘new’ version of Houdini in the near future. Also, Peeping Tom for mid-2006.

Last but not least, according to The Mark of Cain’s website they are touring around Australia in January 2006 with John Stanier. For all you Tomahawk fans, and I know there’s plenty out there (including Tool) they also revealed that Tomahawk will be recording in December.

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18 years ago

That picture is hilarious!!! What an awesome homage.

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