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Volto and The Chat

More Volto news on Toolband/Army. It looks like they’re playing on October 30th at the Baked Potato. In case you’ve forgotten Volto include Danny Carey, John Ziegler, Kirk Covington and Lance Morrison. It’s also been reported that Eddie Van Halen was as on of John Ziegler’s regular jam nights. No word on whether he actually played or not.

Toolarmy members shouldn’t forget about the TA Chat on this Wednesday (Thursday afternoon for us Aussies) the 12th of October. Still no details yet but I’d expect the chats to be in the evening US Pacific Time. 6pm PST is 11am the following day in Australian Eastern Standard time. If you’re there say hello to me (Hellboy), as I’m always happy to chat with you guys! Presuming of course there’s no server meltdown….

If you need help working out which time the chat starts in your part of the world, use this helpful tool.

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