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Next Vinyl Release

No, one of the Member Council on Toolarmy posted the following today in regards to the Lateralus Vinyl Release on the 25th of November:

I posed a few questions to the orders department which I’ve seen asked on the boards and been personally asked enough to forward to the Administration.
It seems the fans want to know the following:

Question: 1) How many signed vinyl’s will be in circulation?
Answer: 1. Total about three hundred, but some have already been sold.

Question: 2) Can an individual buy more than one copy (for gifts, for others who have no credit card or my guess…).
Answer: 2. Only one copy may be purchased by a member.

Question: 3) Can folks who have no credit card purchase, if so how?
Answer: 3. Yes check or money order in USD [this mode of payment is not preferred as it is a highly unreliable user-reliant mode of transaction].

300, including the ones sold previously is no where near as many as I expected, as I was lead to believe there was around 1000. Must be the old rumour mill again….

Anyway, considering that 100 were sold during the chat (again so I’m told) that would indicate that only 200 will be available on Friday.

To all Fourtheye readers out there who are gunning for a copy, good luck! Keep us informed on how you go!

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