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Signed and Unsigned Vinyl available Nov 25th

Blair has posted on Toolarmy that the Signed Lateralus Vinyl will be available on Friday November the 25th. No time was announced, though Blair mentioned he’d try and get that information out to members before it happens. No other details were offered but presumably the cost will remain the same (US$100 + US$16 shipping to Australia) and that members will be limited to one each. There was also no indication on how many would be available, and if this will be the final opportunity to get a copy. Remember, you need to be a Toolarmy member to be able to get yourself a copy (or should I say have a chance to get a copy….)

Good luck to all you readers who wasn’t able to get one the first time around. Personally I’m pretty happy I’ve got mine, one because I wouldn’t like to be running the gauntlet of server drop-outs, etc and also because I’ll be away in Sydney that week, which would severly limit my ability to get online to order.

Finally, any World of Warcraft players out there, feel free to let me know and maybe we can meet up some time….

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17 years ago

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