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Vinyl Update, Volto

Blair has posted some final info the on Vinyl release. It will be Friday afternoon US/Arizona? time. If you need a little help translating times to your timezoe, use this little tool. I would imagine the vagueness around the time of release is deliberate in order to ‘randomise’ the process a little more. For those Australians out there, the approximate time will be around 8am Saturday morning, so no partying this Friday night!

In further posts made by Blair, he also suggests that there are around 200 copies of the vinyl around the place, 93 of which were sold during the chat. This leaves around 100 left, so for those of you in the hunt, be prepared to not get a copy. Once again, to all you readers looking for a copy, good luck!

Finally Volto are playing at the Baked Potato on Thursday the 8th of December. If you’re going, make a booking, since it’s only a small venue.

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