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DVD’s also available on TA

Blair has made a couple of posts on TA. The first one suggests that the Tool DVD’s will be available on Friday to order from the Bazaar. This orders will be collected over the weekend and then shipped on the following Monday and Tuesday, so any Americans should recieve them before they hit the shops. Other people like me will have to wait a little longer I suppose, but I’d rather stuff Tool’s pockets with money than Sanity’s. Now word on whether or not the Signed Vinyl will also be included in that shipping….

Blair also put an article up regarding the recently released “Turn Off Your Television” Shirt where Maynard gives us some details on it. They also mention that there’s only “Some final tweaking, segues, art direction, etc.” left to go with the new CD.

I should also mention that according to Buddyhead (a punk label allegedly), Maynard will be appearing in the movie Sideways II. I’ve never heard of Sideways 1 so I’m sure it’s going to be great……

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18 years ago

Sideways is a movie about two guys that drive around California drinking wine, right up Maynards alley. It’s actually a good movie. Maynard if you’re reading this, my cousin is actually a winemaker in California, he and another aussie produce the ‘TwinFin’ wine. check it out, Hugh Reimers is my cousin. He also owns a vineyard in South Australia.

18 years ago

Righto, I remember it now. Haven’t seen it though…

3 Pounds of Love
18 years ago

sideways was a very funny movie, very well done… I hope Maynard is going to have more than a small part on the second one!

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